MBA 2019 Passing out

●     Available for joining in Jan-Mar 2019 (Final Examination Break will be provided for max 2 weeks)

●     Max age 27yrs

What you must have:

●      Passion for fitness and healthy living

●      People management skills

●      Confidence

●      Good Communication skills (Proficiency in English)

●      Ability to motivate and lead people

●      Punctuality

●      Empathy

●      Customer centrism

●      High energy

●      Positive attitude

●      Eagerness to learn

●      Ability to resolve conflict

What you must do:

●      Managing centre experience and incremental enhancements

○      Timely Opening and Closing of the centres

○      Ensure inventory of essentials, supplies and equipments, responsible for both stocking and re-ordering (first-aid, stationary, water, towels etc.)

○      Ensuring optimal working of centre fixtures and fittings

○      Ensuring availability of lockers and storage

○      Ensuring availability of weights and fitness accessories

○      Ensuring maintenance for reusing the fitness gear and equipment

●      Managing classes and workouts

○      Ensure trainer rostering and availability

○      Ensuring punctuality of trainers and classes

○      Ensuring WODs visibility for all Workouts

○      Ensure that all members mark their attendance

○      Handle latecomers as per SOP (depending on whether warmup has been completed or otherwise)

○      Handle issues with respect to attendance, equipment and space availability

●      Customer interactions and troubleshooting

○      Interact with walk-ins and prospective clients

○      Take feedback from members and partners about classes and document the same

○      Handle issues that may lead to consumer experience during or pre/post class

●      Centre facility audits and inputs

○      Ensure that we do daily audits of the centre and facility including all supplies and essentials

○      Share reports with the central team as per SOP for restocking and maintenance

●      Drive customer engagement and renewals

○      Develop a personal connect with the members (as per the culture document for cult) and ensure they are engaged

○      Drive renewals through interactions over call/in-person

What you must ensure

●      NPS for the centre at >70

●      Overall ratings from customers at > 3.6

●      Renewals from the centre at >55% (R60)

●      Audit scores for SOP adherence and ambience at 0.9+

●      BT ratings % at <=1%

●      6 Days shift based working hours, 1 Weekday rotational off​

Compensation & Perks

  • CTC: 3-4.2 Lakhs per annum (fixed)
  • Medical cover for family, PF, Accidental Insurance
  • Before/After shift hours ACM can use Cult.Fit facilities without any charges
  • 1 month of Training period: To be paid 15k for first month of Training