Expected GD-WAT Topics


Punjab strip search case: menstruation, taboos and India

The IL & FS crisis

#HumFitToIndiaFit campaign

#MeToo campaign

#MeToo Campaign in India

10% Quota Bill: EWS Reservation

Adultery is not a crime, Supreme Court scraps 158-year old law

AFSPA removed from Meghalaya

Agriculture Vs Industry in India : Future Prospects

AI (Artificial Intelligence) - Boon or bane for mankind?

Air, Sound and Water Pollution - How do we fight it?

Allahabad is Prayagraj now!

Amritsar Train Accident: Who to blame?

Are service providers the new spreading house for diseases?

Article 35A in Indian Constitution

Arvind Kejriwal Launches Doorstep Delivery Service

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Attack on Akali Dal leader Manjit Singh in the US

Ayushmaan Bharat Programme: Everything you need to know

Ban on sales of junk food in universities and higher education colleges by UGC

Bharat bandh

Bill for marriage runaway NRIs

BJP's defeat in Five State Assembly Elections 2018

Blockchain Technology and its effect on today’s world

BrahMos aerospace missile case

British raj to Billionaire raj - Is inequality growing in India?

Cambridge Analytica - Facebook Data Leak Scam

Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

Caste System is still the focus of 2019 elections?

CBI corruption case

Clean Ganga Activist GD Agarwal dies

Colour "PINK"

Condition of Shelter Homes for children in India

Corruption in government examinations

Data is the new oil

Delhi's air pollution

Does India need a uniform civil code?

Does India need anti-lynching laws?

Does India really need bullet trains?

Even sex-workers have right to refuse: Supreme Court

Falling Indian Rupee Value against US Dollar

Freedom of speech shrinking in India?

From ‘India Shining’ to ‘New India’

Good & bad things about Modi government

Government's role in Hung assembly

Human Gene Editing: Good or Bad?

Human Rights of Rohingya Muslims

IKEA to fix Delhi’s Pollution?

Increasing prices of Petrol

India after demonetization and GST

India at Asian Games: Should we be Proud?

India for Transgender Community: Progressive or Regressive?

India is building world's highest railway line

India is most the depressed country - WHO

India is the most vacation deprived country

India is the second highest sender of Foreign Students in US

India lower than Nepal and Bangladesh - Human Capital Index, World Bank

India: Most Dangerous country for Women?

Is banning porn websites in India justified?

Is Coconut Oil really poisonous?

Is India 5G Ready?

Is India becoming intolerant?

Is MBA a rat race?

Is our country hungry?

Is Rs. 3000 crores Statue of Unity needed?

Is Suicide the only option to end Suffering?

Is the protection of isolated tribes is justified?

ISRO soon to launch TV Channel to promote scientific temperament among students

Kerala Flood 2018: Natural or Man Made?

Kerala Nun Rape Case

KRA's for students and teachers

Law should be an instrument of Social Change

Loan Waivers for Farmer: The two sides

Military training should be made compulsory in India

Mobile connectivity decreasing in India

Modi government: Pass or Fail 

Modicare - Affordable healthcare scheme or unadorned dream

Nationalism vs Globalism

Nationalism vs Patriotism - Where do you draw the line?

Naxalism Vs Terrorism

Nepotism and its Impact on Professionalism

New India 2022 Vision

NPA Problem in Indian Banking Sector

One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist

One third of world’s stunted kids are from India, says report

One year after GST

Passive Euthanasia is permissible

Paternity leave needed in India?

Plastic ban in Maharashtra

Pulwama Attack: All you need to know

Qatar quits OPEC

Rafale Deal Controversy​​

Reforms that should be brought in the next government

Right to be Forgotten Bill

Right to Privacy: Is it a myth?  

Rs. 5 Lacs as compensation for rapes: SC verdict

SBI merger with associate banks - Good or Bad?

SC allows entry of women of all ages to Sabrimala Temple

SC scraps use of NOTA option in Rajya Sabha elections

Section 377

Should Active Euthanasia be made legal in India?

Should cricketers’ wives/ girlfriends be allowed on their foreign tours?

Should Delhi be given statehood?

Should India have anti-lynching laws?

Should India stick to hockey as the National Game?

Should Live Streaming of Court proceedings be allowed?

Should marital rape be criminalised in India?

Should private hospitals be asked to reserve 20% beds for poor people in India?

Simultaneous elections: Another sugar coated chaos

Social Media proving to be a bane for India

Status of Press Freedom in India

Steep Rise in Election expenses justified or not?

Supreme court allows 'Green Firecrackers' - All you need to know

Trade war between U.S and China

Triple Talaq Bill

Two years after demonetization

UIDAI makes face recognition mandatory for Aadhar

Unemployment rate in India

Union Budget - NDA Government's Interim budget 2019

Urban Naxals

US sanctions against Iran: India's stand

Water Transport Tourism

Who has more chances of winning 2019 Lok Sabha elections?

Will making stringent rape laws will prevent rapes in India

Work from home desirable option for employees

Work-Life Balance: A Myth?

Yoga day

Previous Years GD-WAT Topics

Topics College

"T" shaped intelligence is now being preferred by businesses over "I" shaped intelligence

Abortion should not be prohibited by law, and it should be at the discretion of the mother


Advertising is the waste of resources?

Affordable healthcare in India

Air pollution a national problem

IIM Calcutta

All decisions in a democracy should be taken through referendums

Are coaching classes destroying educational system?

IIM Calcutta

Are conventional retail stores competing with E-commerce market and what can be the possible future?

Are elections in India truly democratic?

IIM Calcutta

Are leaders born or made in B-Schools?

Are regional parties bad for India?

Are trade unions Irrelevant?


Are women better global leaders than men

IIM Calcutta

Bail out of PSUs is desirable

Ban liquor sale on highways to lessen accidents

Bharat vs India : One nation, Two names

Big Data and Consumer Privacy

Bitcoin and The Virtual Currency

Bullet trains or better trains- what does India need?

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Can ethics and success go hand-in-hand?

Case of Brexit from European economy

Commercialization of healthcare: good or bad?

Crimes against women like rape/molestation are on a rise: Reasons & Solutions

Decline in Open Spaces leads to Negative Effects on Children

IIM Ahmedabad

Demonetisation: Is India ready for this?

Developing alternatives for rural economy

Digital India

IIM Kozhikode

Digitization vs Privacy

Do eminent sports persons become a good coach as well?

Do you agree that couples should not work in the same organisation.


Do you think MPs and MLAs should have graduation as the bare minimum of education?


Does browsing affect productivity at workplace?


Does browsing at workplace affect productivity?

Does Travelling help in generating ideas and experiential learning?

E-commerce vs Brick & Mortar stores

Endorsements by Celebrities. Is it justified?

Fake News on Social Media

Family owned business vs professionally run businesses

Free basics and Airtel zero: Net Neutrality is not the need of hour

Future of solar energy in India

IIM Calcutta

Global Warming: A Hoax?

Globalisation is endangering the culture


Google knows more about you than your mother does


How does gender impact social intelligence and career?

Great Lakes

How is the excessive use of smartphones affecting individuals and societies in urban areas?

If you have a hammer as your only tool, you tend to assume every problem as a nail

IIM Bill beneficial for the students

IIM/IIT pay packages dilute the importance of academics of these institutions

Impact of GST on Indian economy

Impact of Technology on Jobs

Increasing role of female actresses in Bollywood

Indian education system needs to be revised

IIM Calcutta

Indian patent law: outdated

Individual vs. Group Appraisal system in any company

IIM Kozhikode

Innovation is the best insurance against irrelevance

Is compulsory attendance really needed in colleges?

Is disinvestment in profitable PSU's advisable?

IIM Ahmedabad

Is FDI in retail sector good for India?

Is GST good for Indian businesses?


Is India ready to go cashless?


Is the world ‘deglobalizing’?

IIM Ahmedabad | MDI Gurgaon

Is today's youth becoming more self-centred?


Issues in the Educational Sector

MDI Gurgaon

Issues that Women face in Rural India

Great Lakes

Knowledge is the biggest asset you can accumulate

Leaders are always poor team players


Make in India vs Made in India

Marketing and Packaging of a product to make it sellable

Mars Mission in India: Justified or not?

Men and women are born unequal for a reason. Inequality isn't such a bad thing.

National Anthem in Cinema Halls

National Security vs Privacy: Collection of Biometrics

New entrepreneurs and failing startups

Print media has lost it’s significance in the digital world/age


Remixing Music

Reservation based on economic background


Retirement Homes: Does advantage of living in them outweighs disadvantage

Seniority NOT merit should be the criteria for promotion

Should Begging be Legal?


Should freedom include freedom to make mistakes?

Should national anthem be made compulsory in cinema halls?

Should State funding for election be done or not?

Should uniform civil code be implemented?

Social Drinking is Okay

IIM Ahmedabad

Social Media: Impact on human behavior and society

IIM Ahmedabad

Space research projects are waste of money

Sports and its benefits

Start-up vs campus placements

Start-ups: another bubble burst !

Sustainable Development in India

Technology and Income disparity

Will reliance Jio go Tata Nano's way?

Great Lakes