GD-PI Experiences at NMIMS (2017-2019)

  • Feb 16th, 2017

Institute: NMIMS


Case Discussion:  In a corporate firm , all of the budget for a new software development and training has been finished by the sales head. The IT and vigilance head found out that basic training was not provided to the resource team to handle the software which needs immediate attention. What should be the action plan. Also, there is an IT budget too, should it be shared or not ?


  • About home city of candidate
  • Why MBA?
  • About father's business (mentioned in SOP)
  • About a quote mentioned in SOP (its origin, meaning & singnificance)
  • Cricket (because Rahul Dravid mentioned as Role model)
  • About engineering project



Case Discussion: Rreality shows these days are all about fame and money. One case was given regarding TRP of Colors TV, which has seen an escalation of 24% in past 2 years. Ques was: Wwhy should reality shows be banned?

Interview: Completely profile based. Mostly from SOP.


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