Aspirant shares his CT-GE-PI experience at IMT Ghaziabad

  • Feb 16th, 2017



WAT: Trump is changing global geopolitical scene

Candidate were required to give 5 arguments (for or against)

Personal Interview:

  • About yourself
  • What was your role in the company that you worked for?
  • Importance of MBA
  • Why marketing as major?
  • How does being from a freedom fighter's famiily different from being a regular one?



WAT: Is the current economic regime in India an effect of jobless growth?

Group Exercise: Make a poster for making students aware of the food wastage in College mess !



WAT: Demonetisation

Group Exercise:

Government plans to deploy army in open spaces to prevent defecation. How this move will prompt a change in attitude of rural india.

Personal Interview: 

  • Current monetary policy
  • Equity vs Debt instrument
  • Questions around work-experience
  • Why should we choose you?
  • Why do you want to leave your job?
  • My opinion on the group exercise.



Personal Interview: 

  • Describe yourself in one line.
  • Why do you want to pursue Marketing?
  • What according to you are 3 essential skills of a manager that you have?
  • And what are the 3 essential skills of a captain?
  • Who is more important, captain or team?
  • Some questions around aspirant's interests.
  • About Trump policies.
  • Case-based question: A govt. official has given you a notice to shift your company within a week as it is causing pollution to environment. A govt official offers to help but he will take INR 2 Crore. What would you do?



Critical Thinking Topic:

Smart cities will lead to faster migration of rural population. (Write in favour or against with at least five supportive arguments.)

Group Exercise:

You (13 members of our group) are traveling on a train and driver is getting a heart attack. The train is running on a barren stretch of land with nearest station being 200 Kms far from here. You guys are the only passengers and also, the food and water are scarce. How would you proceed in this situation? 
(Group provided with chart papers, etc. to depict the same)

Personal Interview: 

  • Started with: What is the meaning of your name?
  • Who was Swami Vivekananda (as I'm from Vivekanand School)
  • Who was Bhai Parmanand (as part of my education is from Bhai Parmanand School also)
  • You're Jain, who is the founder? Where was he born?
  • Why did you leave your job?
  • Why do you want to pursue MBA? 
  • If doing business currently, would you opt for final placements? If yes, who will take care of the business?
  • About Snooker (one of my hobbies): Who is the current world champion. (And some more questions around it.) 
  • Any fear in life? 
  • Share some instances when you took risks.

    All the best!!

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