CAT 2018 Morning Slot: First Look Review

  • Nov 25th, 2018

Immediately after the conclusion of Common Admission Test (CAT) 2018 morning slot on 25th November, all the aspirants, especially the ones appearing for the second slot, started looking for the review and difficulty level of CAT this year. A question on mind of everybody outside the examination centres who just came out after taking the test, the aspirants waiting for their turn in the second slot and other MBA stakeholders sitting at home is, "How is the CAT 2018 first slot examination?"

Career2NextOrbit brings to you the first review of the overall and section wise difficulty level of CAT-2018 (first slot) from the candidates who JUST appeared for it! Here are some of the initial reactions -:

  • Verbal Ability (VA) - Easy
  • LRDI - Easier than previous years'
  • Quantitative Aptitude (QA) - Moderate to Difficult
  • VA section was on the expected lines apart from number of questions per RC.
  • LRDI was easier than expected with two easy caselets and one moderate one. Overall 14 to 15 attempts could fetch you good marks. 
  • QA section was a surprise as it was not expected by most of the candidates to be tricky in comparison to the previous years' CAT QA difficulty level.

Stay tuned for further analysis of CAT this year when Candidates Speak after appearing for the CAT 2018 morning and evening slots.

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