Latest GD & WAT Topics with Answers: A MUST read for MBA Aspirants & Students

Latest GD & WAT Topics with Answers

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  1. Bitcoin and The Virtual Currency
  2. Fake News on Social Media
  3. Social Drinking is Okay
  4. Should freedom include freedom to make mistakes?
  5. How is the excessive use of smartphones affecting individuals and societies in urban areas?
  6. Endorsements by Celebrities. Is it justified?
  7. E-commerce vs Brick & Mortar stores
  8. Global Warming: A Hoax?
  9. New entrepreneurs and failing startups
  10. Do you think MPs and MLAs should have graduation as the bare minimum of education?
  11. Is GST good for Indian businesses?
  12. Technology and Income disparity
  13. Are regional parties bad for India?
  14. Innovation is the best insurance against irrelevance
  15. Marketing and Packaging of a product are most important to make it sellable
  16. Do eminent sports persons become a good coach as well?
  17. If you have a hammer as your only tool, you tend to assume every problem as a nail
  18. Remixing Music 
  19. National Anthem in Cinema Halls
  20. Will reliance Jio go Tata Nano's way?
  21. Big Data and Consumer Privacy
  22. IIM/IIT pay packages dilute the importance of academics of these institutions
  23. "T" shaped intelligence is now being preferred by businesses over "I" shaped intelligence
  24. Leaders are always poor team players
  25. Crimes against women like rape/molestation are on a rise: Reasons & Solutions
  26. Is the world ‘deglobalizing’?
  27. Does browsing at workplace affect productivity?
  28. Demonetisation: Is India ready for this?
  29. Impact of GST on Indian economy
  30. Start-ups: another bubble burst !
  31. Should national anthem be made compulsory in cinema halls?
  32. Free basics and Airtel zero: Net Neutrality is not the need of hour
  33. Case of Brexit from European economy
  34. Is India ready to go cashless?
  35. Bullet trains or better trains- what does India need?
  36. Is compulsory attendance really needed in colleges?
  37. Should state funding for elections be done or not?
  38. Bharat vs India : One nation, Two names
  39. Ban liquor sale on highways to lessen accidents
  40. Should uniform civil code be implemented?
  41. Bail out of PSUs is desirable
  42. Digitisation vs Privacy
  43. Seniority NOT merit should be the criteria for promotion
  44. Indian patent law: outdated
  45. National Security vs Privacy: Collection of Biometrics
  46. Make in India vs Made in India
  47. Is FDI in retail sector good for India?
  48. Advertising is the waste of resources?
  49. Family owned business vs professionally run businesses
  50. Start-up vs campus placements
  51. Are leaders born or made in B-Schools?
  52. Men and women are born unequal for a reason. Inequality isn't such a bad thing.
  53. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

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