Corruption in government examinations


In a country like India where nearly 31 million unemployed Indians are looking for jobs, we know the importance of jobs. For most of unemployed, getting a government job is their only hope for a different future, a stable future. The reason for such a large section of the crowd preparing for government examinations over the years is simple – Stability. Government jobs offer stability, reputation, luxury and a decent salary. And having a job security in a country like India means an assurance that you will be able to have a sustainable livelihood.

The current scenario:

But, is the path to a high level or even a low-level government job easy? Other than the fact that the competition is very high (due to limited jobs for an unlimited crowd), there remains yet another huge reason due to which people have started to lose trust in the system. CORRUPTION. It is a well-known fact that corruption prevails in various and almost every system in India, be it government or corporate level. Similarly, high levels of corruption have begun surfacing at the entry level jobs for the government sector. Paper leaks, bribes, cheating, and many other such ill-practices have come in the limelight recently in respect to government jobs.

In the news:

28 Mar 2018

Lakhs of government job aspirants protested against the scam in the exams of the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) — which recruits for subordinate posts in the central government ministries and departments.

Thousands of students staged protests outside the SSC headquarters in Delhi as well as at regional centers across the country starting from 27 February, following the leaking of questions for the SSC-CGL (Combined Graduate Level) Tier-II Examination 2018 held from 17 to 22 February.

“The future of crores of youths in the country is at stake here. Even after weeks of protest, the government has not heeded the demands,” said Sucheta De, a lead figure in the Rozgar Mange India campaign.

 16 Nov 2018

Speaking on Vyapam scam case, an entrance examination, admission, and recruitment scam that was unearthed in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh in 2013, Congress President Rahul Gandhi spoke out to a rally in rallies in Deori town of Sagar and Seoni in Madhya Pradesh named it as the ‘Scam of the Century’

“Those who did not had money could not clear the exams. It adversely affected the future of the youth as well as quality of professionals like doctors in the state. The education system has been destroyed due to the Vyapam scam,” he said.

Yes, there is corruption in government exams

  • Various scams such as the SSC prelims scam, Vyapam scam are clear indications that corruption exists at almost all entry-level government exams.
  •  Due to the increased demand for a limited job available, people are bound to use unfair means to secure such a favorable job.
  •  The existing system leaves various loopholes for powerful people to exploit and make decisions in their favour.
  • Lack of astringent body such as CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) specially allotted to the education sector makes it difficult to catch or prevent such scams on time.
  • The current Education system of India promotes mindless task enforcement rather than skill development of an individual, making it difficult for him to earn a livelihood in alternate ways.

No, there is no corruption in government exams

  •  Recent surfacing of scams by whistleblowers has instigated a sense of fear among the wrong elements of the society, making it difficult for such malpractices to continue.
  • Students have started looking for alternate job options other than the conventional ones, denying to walk on the wrong path for government jobs.
  • Stringent measures being taken by the examination authorities have also reduced the chances of corruption to take place.
  •  Even government examination bodies have changed the format of papers through which they can now measure the analytical skills of a person rather than his memory skills.


The problem remains within the system. Most of the people in government jobs are corrupt and they portray an image of an idle lifestyle after getting a job in the public sector, but because the means of getting the job is tough aspirants take the easy way. If anything has to be changed,  the youth of the country needs to understand to work hard rather than eating a hardworking aspirant's seat. And if no one will demand the easy way there is no way the market of corruption can sustain.

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