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We all have this misconception😧 that English is indistinguishable in all counties whose common tongue is English😏 but actually it varies from one country to another😣. For instance Canadian English is a regional variety of North American English that spans almost the entire continent. Modern Canadian English is usually defined by the ways in which it mirrors and differs from American or British English. Canadian has a great deal in common with the English spoken in United States, yet many Americans identify a Canadian accent as British😲.

Now while differentiating the accents we have an ideal accent in our head, and any pronunciation other than that is considered as an accent, while everyone has an accent, the one which is different than our perception is hard to digest👀. While comparing the American accent we have the American cinema in our heads but everyone might not speak in the similar manner🗣️👥.

In a student exchange programme we had two students👨‍💻👩‍💻one from New York🗽 and the other from Canada🏡. The student who was from Canada used to say sore-y instead of sorry😂 and the American used to go easy on words and pronunciations resulting in more ease 😄while speaking words like eating as eatin.

On the other hand, many Britishers identify a Canadian accent as American😯, and they think the Canadians have become Americanized. It is quite 🤣🤣hysterical how British  and American people  fail to discern Canadian English. In short 'kuch to log kahenge logon ka kaam hai kehna'!! So we are basically fine with the accents and places as long as someone is not pointing a finger at us.

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