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Chutney is irreplaceable in Indian meals🥗🍲. It is more like a necessity to us as Indians as we relish😋  spices in our food. There was a guy who was obsessed with ketchups and chutneys. He just could not do without  ample of chutney beside every dish he eat😅.

One day, he went out to a restaurant and ordered a sandwich. He was starving and eagerly waited for his order to come🙆‍. He was seated beside a gregarious couple🗣️👫. As soon as his sandwich arrived, he looked for the chutney all around the tables😟. He took the bottle of chutney from the table on which the couple was sitting without asking for it. He devour the sandwich and emptied the whole bottle of chutney. The couple started giggling at him. Upon asking they informed him that the chutney was not on the house and they paid for the bottle of chutney🤑. The person was sheepish and apologized. The person till date has not eaten chutney, we hope he start eating chutney soon, because this is India land, and we love spices💁.


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