"Next Generation of Leaders should think ahead of time": Prof Bhimaraya Metri, Director - IIM Trichy

Leadership as a word has lately often been linked to 'corporate'. We have forgotten that 'Leadership' is a skill which can be applied anywhere and by anyone. A true leader not only excel in his/her career but also empower others in excelling in their career. Hence, it is important to develop and nutrure this skill from a young age. Prof. Bhimaraya Metri, Director of IIM Tiruchirappalli, has kindly agreed to guide our young students on Leadership.

About Prof. Bhimaraya Metri: Prof. Bhimaraya Metri is currently the Director of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Tiruchirappalli. Prior to this, he was Dean at L&T Institute of Project Management, Vadodara. He has also served as Professor & Dean at MDI Gurgaon, IMI, Delhi and an In-charge Ph.D Programmes at BITS Pilani. His qualification include Ph.D from IIT Powai, Mumbai. Under his leadership, IIM Trichy received "Top Institute of India" award by Competition Sucess Review in April 2018. His excellence is not limited to academia only, he has provide consulting to organisations like NTPC, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), and many others. He has won various awards such as "Top Director" Award by Competition Success Review and "Prerana Puraskar" by Government College of Engineering, Karad for exemplary service in the field of his expertise.

Recently, Prof. Bhimaraya Metri was awarded "Kewal Nohria Award of Leadership" by All India Management Association (AIMA). Team Career2NextOrbit would like to congratulate Prof. Bhimaraya Metri on the same.

Career2NextOrbit: You are one of the rare academic leaders in the country, who has worked across genre of institutes (MDI, SSBS, IMI, L&T School, and now IIM Tiruchirappalli). How has been your experiece and certain principles which always held you in good stead?

Prof. Metri: My experience has been very enriching and great while working across government (autonomous), public, corporate and international B-schools. Every B-school has its own unique work culture. I have learned a lot from each one of them and these diverse experiences have helped me to gain holistic perspective and adopt integrative approach in managing institutions.

Career2NextOrbit: What, as per you, are the basic tenets of leadership?

Prof. Metri: Vision building, Goal setting, Inspire and motivate people around to realize their full potential and groom them to help in leveraging thier talent are the basic tenets of leadership. I fully believe in Swami Vivekananda's definition of Leadership that guide me to think the unthinkable, achieve the unachievable and see the invisible, and I beleive that these are the higher order tenets of leadership.

Career2NextOrbit: How do you see present generation of youngsters? What are the positives and areas of improvement you have observed in them?

Prof. Metri: Present generation youngsters are the native of the digital world. The positives of youngsters' include: their awareness and quest to know everything, they are tech savvy, they connect well with others and respond faster. They know what they want to do and they take larger risk. The areas of improvement include: even though they know everything but need to know in depth to understand, synthesize and formulate the things better, since knowledge is power, they need to improve reading habits in this disruptive world and digital economy.

Career2NextOrbit: What are some advice you would like to give to youngsters, who are either about to enter Management Education or have just graduated?

Prof. Metri: They should think ahead of time. They should be the first one to capture the technology and never be the last one to survive, but to grow faster and lead the disruptive world. They should develop the expertise in the following learning outcomes: domain knowledge, advanced problem solving & innovative solution, global expose & cross-cultural understanding, business communication skills, leadership & teamwork, and social responsivesness & business ethics. These learning outcomes not only help them to perform better in this VUCA world but also they could able to do the future jobs which are yet to come up.

Career2NextOrbit: What are some of the landmark initiatives IIM Trichy is taking which differentiates it from other IIMs and top B-schools?

Prof. Metri: Following are the landmark initiative of IIM Trichy:

  • Meticulous Project Management led IIM Trichy to become the first amongst the second generation IIMs to operate from fully fuctional, state of the art, sustainable campus.
  • IIM Trichy is the first IIM to initiate the “International Week” in which academic leaders from top business schools, across the globe, come to teach courses in emerging areas. This is helping our students to learn global best practices and cross cultural understanding. 
  • ‘Make a Difference’ (MAD) project of IIM Trichy not only sensitize students about social responsiveness, but also strongly connects with local society and community to solve their problems.
  • IIM Trichy has also initiated ‘Academic Leadership Programmes” (ALP) to equip the higher education institutions to meet the present and future needs of the corporates and also to provide leadership in the era of disruptive and digital world.

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