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Once there were two friends👭, Blake and Lisa who shared an apartment🏬 in the city. They both really enjoyed each other’s company🤜🤛. Blake was an engineer👩‍🔧 while Lisa was a 👩‍💻Bank Manager. They both were convival and outgoing.

There was only one 🚫impediment in their perfect lives. Blake had an obsessive disorder for cleaning. She was very meticulous and organized🛋️🚽🛏️🚪. She couldn’t stand the sight of a dingy apartment 😲while Lisa showed blithe concern for such things. At times, Blake went ballistic😡😠on Lisa for keeping the apartment dirty. Lisa was finally done with the Blake’s OCD and decided to move out of the apartment. She started to move out her belongings stealthily such that Blake wouldn’t know. Lisa did not want to ruin the friendship and therefore wanted to move out before things go worst. And one day when she left she didn't even pack and go, because she already swopped everything out and seeing this blake started laughing hard and apologised. So OCD did cost her a room mate.😂😂😂🤣🤣

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