Online education vs Traditional form of education

There has always been a dominance of traditional education system over the online education system, but lately the gap in narrowing down. The offline system has been alpha in the educational sector because of its USP of real time teaching and discussion. Not to forget the cheap and time saving online education which has gained status of being par with the traditional education system. 

Here are few pointers you would like to frame your argument in support of either Online education system or Traditional education system.

Online education system is better than Traditional education system:

  • Flexibility: Online courses provide the user the ease of taking the classes anytime anywhere. The problem of introvert individuals and their discomfort faced  due to their inability to talk to people or make new friends.
  • Lessor hassle: In the initial stage the offline admissions takes most of our time whereas in the online admissions all you have to do is fill the form online in comfort of your home and pay the fees. And then the road is pretty smooth after that.
  • Time saving: In the traditional way you have to go to school or the educational institution daily whereas in the online education you can utilise that time in learning something else and practising. Getting better at studies by devoting more time to the studies and learning more skills in the free time. In the online education there is scope of learning more than just one subjects at a time with a predefined schedule.  
  • Unlimited views: You can take an online class of a specific topic as many times you want, but there are restrictions on the amount of times you can take your classes in the traditional education system.
  • Online forums to clear doubts: The only drawback earlier was about clarification of queries and doubts, but now that issue is sorted by way of online forums where teachers and leaders from the industry can answer your queries.
  • Cost effective: The online classes are always cheaper as compared to the offline classes, hence people belonging to the economically weaker background tend to take online classes.

Online education system is not better than the Traditional education system:

  • Real time doubt: The best thing about the traditional education system is that you can ask you doubt then and there in the class, online system can try to compensate for this feature but not replace it.
  • Scope of discussion: In a classroom after the teacher is gone, students tends to discuss about various thing taught in the class. Sometimes it gets converted into a heated debate. These discussions tend to make us stronger intellectually which is not the case with online education.  
  • Skills development: School is still the most prominent way of education because there is nothing better available to teach so many things to a student simultaneously. So when a student is answering a question or asking a query, he develops to speak, to think, to analyse, to lead all at the same time which is what needed for the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Extra-curricular: Dancing, painting, sports, competitions are all indispensable part of our school life, ever wondered if we eliminate this from our education system how boring would be the classes or school would be. The extra-curricular are not just for fun, they tend to increase productivity, give rest to the mind and help in physical and mental growth of the child.
  • Moral values: The emphasis the teacher paid that no one cheats, steals, stays behind, learn to share tend to shape what kind of individual we become. The system comes with teaching life skills and values to kids through various activities any other system can never be able to do the same.

The case of online versus traditional education, there is no right or wrong answer. Much of it comes down to personal preference and knowing how you learn best. These learning formats can all be very effective if done properly.

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