Life at Fore, Delhi for Experienced Candidates

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We are thankful to Mr. Vijay Sati, a recent (2018) graduate from FORE, New Delhi for sparing some time and sharing his valuable experience with all of us.



Career2NextOrbit: What are the extra opportunities that you feel you get in your B-School more than the freshers?

Vijay: As per college, there is no difference in freshers and experienced students and equal opportunities are provided to both but individually it creates a lot of difference. Talking about extra opportunities, there is an upper hand in some job roles where an experienced candidate is prefered over freshers. Among other things, I feel team handling, time management and most importantly patience are some of the qualities which can be seen more in experienced candidates. 


Career2NextOrbit: What are the challenges faced by you as someone with experience vis-a-vis someone who is a fresher?

Vijay: I think it is normal after 2 years of work and no exams, a person will find it difficult to switch on the regular study mode again. Second major challenge that I've analyzed during my summer placement season is that freshers are prefered in most of the cases rather than experienced candidates. General trend is experienced candidates are the ones that are placed last in summer internship and opposite take place in final placements.

Besides this, while working in groups, an experienced student faces commitment, punctuality and deadline handling issues from freshers. All throughout my job, I never faced such issues while working in groups but with freshers, most of the time you've to deal with these things.


Career2NextOrbit: What advice would you give to your prospective incoming batch?

Vijay: First of all, get yourself in study mode, especially the candidates with non commerce background start studying basics of financial accounting so that you become familiar with a balance sheet, P&L and key ratios related to finances of a company. Do this before joining the college as it will help a lot.

Second thing which is mandatory is daily news reading. Apart from this, don't limit yourself to a single industry or business line, because what I've felt is that experienced candidates for eg. from IT industry set their mind to take IT as major/minor of MBA and most probably want to work in IT sector only.
But my friends the world is full of opportunities and there is a whole lot of different things to learn even after your MBA. Go on and explore other profiles too and that's how you will be able to understand a broader aspect of how different businesses work.


Career2NextOrbit: What are some of your expectations that were not met once you came to FORE?

Vijay: In college, most of the things including infrastructure, facilities, courses, seminars, competitions, corporate meets etc. were upto my expectation  but there was not much focus on industrial visits and outings which is necessary in today's world for maintaining work life balance as in 1st year of MBA itself everyone feels a lot of pressure.

Based on my expectations, I feel a faculty should be assigned to each student starting from 1st day in college so as to guide him/her. Once or twice in a month, a one to one counselling session by faculty should also be given to the students regarding their doubts in placement or anything. Clarity and feedback is must in MBA. Infact a 30 minutes session for each student would be sufficient for that and will make their MBA life somewhat easier.


Career2NextOrbit: What are some things that you had not expected but found at FORE?

Vijay: For me it worked in both ways, some things were good while some were not. The good ones : 

  • A whole lot of committees in the college are there for active involvement of students
  • Great international exposure from international immersion programs and international trips

The not so good one: A lot of seminars and events that are compulsory to attend.



End note -:

The key take away to all the experienced candidates aspiring to get admission in FORE, Delhi is to get started on learning new things and switch on your study mode so that you don't limit yourself only to the profiles and skill set to which you were associated in your prior work experience. There is a lot more that you can achieve at FORE with an open mind.

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