Life at IMI, Delhi for Experienced Candidates

Encapsulating more of the top B-Schools in the interview article series "Life at Top B-Schools for Aspirants with Work Experience: #StudentsSpeak".

We are thankful to our interviewee (who wants to remain anonymous), a recent (2018) graduate from IMI, Delhi for sparing some time and sharing his/her valuable experience with all of us.



Career2NextOrbit: What are the extra opportunities that you feel you get in your B School more than the freshers?

Response: Work experience gives you maturity. You look at certain concepts from a completely different angle and try to relate every concept to your previous experience. I think that creates a better understanding of theoretical concepts as well. Some companies here prefer experienced candidates over freshers. But, it works both ways.


Career2NextOrbit: What are the challenges faced by you as someone with experience vis-a-vis someone who is a fresher?

Response: Academically you struggle sometimes, when you are going against kids who are fresh out of college. You tend to be a little slower while studying as compared to freshers. Sitting in front of a laptop screen for the past 2 years does runt your abilities to grasp new concepts.        


Career2NextOrbit: What advice would you give to your prospective incoming batch?

Response: I have 3 pieces of advice -

  1. Don’t have any inhibitions when you come at IMI. People with fancy work experience or top colleges on their CV will appear intimidating. You have to realise that all of you have gone through the same selection process and are equal. 
  2. Everyone has their individual strengths and weaknesses, somebody might be academically gifted, someone might be a good speaker. It is important you develop your strengths and embrace your weaknesses. 
  3. CGPA isn’t everything. Don’t get fixated on getting a good CGPA and not do anything else. You can do anything here, so it’s important you explore, develop yourself into a stronger personality


Career2NextOrbit: What are some of your expectations that were not met once you came to IMI?

Response: Placement reports and reality is totally different. Most of the batch mates will end with a take home salary of 50K to 60K after investing close to 22 lacs here. Invest wisely.


Career2NextOrbit: What are some things that you had not expected but found at IMI?

Response: I discovered the importance of peer to peer learning only after seeing the diverse batch here. When you come here you start analysing people, you start labelling them. The people you admire will become your greatest teachers. My advice would be - choose your friend circle wisely. It will make a lot of difference in the end in terms of your networking.



End note -:

The key take away to all the experienced candidates aspiring to get admission in IMI, Delhi is to be open to explore all the opportunities you can grab with an open mindset and utilize every resource at your disposal including the valuable faculty to enhance your learning.

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