Life at MDI, Gurgaon for Experienced Candidates

Encapsulating more of the top B-Schools in the interview article series "Life at Top B-Schools for Aspirants with Work Experience:  #StudentsSpeak".

We are thankful to Mr. Akshay Kumar Tripathi, a student of MDI, Gurgaon for sparing some time and sharing his valuable responses with all of us.



Career2NextOrbit: What are the extra opportunities that you feel you get in your B-School more than the freshers?

Akshay: The preference in the placement opportunities for summers and final placements for candidates is different in terms of the amount of experience that he/she holds. A general trend seen here is that there are more opportunities in final placements for experienced candidates whereas summer internship opportunities are better for freshers.


Career2NextOrbit: What are the challenges faced by you as someone with experience vis-a-vis someone who is a fresher?

Akshay: According to me, the major challenges that experienced candidates face are -:

  • Summer placements opportunities for freshers are better
  • Many FMCG companies prefer freshers over experienced candidates
  • Willingness to relearn; on part of experienced candidates like myself who have already worked in one domain, find it difficult to learn new concepts pertaining to different domains


Career2NextOrbit: What advice would you give to your prospective incoming batch?

Akshay: A couple of things that I would like to advice to the incoming batch - Be optimistic and patient; wait for the right opportunity, work on your skills and leverage the skills which you  already have and make the most of opportunities you get.


Career2NextOrbit: What are some of your expectations that were not met once you came to MDI, Gurgaon?

Akshay: The only thing I find here that didn't met my expectation is the classroom teaching, which I expected to be of little more value. In the end it is not complete if not understood in context of some practical examples which I think here is not up to the mark.


Career2NextOrbit: What are some thing(s) that you had not expected but found at MDI, Gurgaon?

Akshay: There are ample opportunities to learn and grow as a person and plethora of companies lining up for placements which is more than what I had expected  before joining MDI.



End note -:

The key take away to all the experienced candidates aspiring to get admission in MDI, Gurgaon is to be patient and not to grab the very first opportunity you get, there might be better opportunities in terms of learning and placements in future. Focus more on honing your skills that will enable you to get the right opportunity aligning with your objectives.

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