Knowledge is the biggest asset you can accumulate

‘Knowledge can be facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject’.

There is an old story of the mechanic who is called to a ship because none of the technicians could mend the problem with the engine that would only make clunking and sputtering noises. Standing next to the machine, he listened for a few minutes, pulled out a little hammer and made two taps. Before their eyes, the machine clunking was transformed into a steady whir, humming along a perfect, smooth tune.

The old mechanic then presented an invoice for $10,000. The owner was irritated by this and argued that all the mechanic had done was make two tiny taps with his hammer.“True,” said the mechanic. “The taps were only $1.00 each. The knowledge to know where to tap costs $9,998.00.”

In the story, the mechanic got paid what he asked for , just because of his knowledge.The basic driving force behind our every action is knowledge. Flying an aircraft or cracking CAT,  everything requires knowledge.

But is knowledge is the only asset you should accumulate :


  • Builds confidence: Knowledge provides you with confidence to speak, even if have no interaction with a specific individual you’ll be able to communicate easily , because youll know exactly what to say.
  • Improves communication skills: For acquiring knowledge we need to read more, observe more , ask more questions, do research reading, discovering new facts and figures everyday, making notes of things you learn, Discussing with people makes that certain snippets stay in your head  and once we are through with that we are able to speak and talk intelligently automatically , because the journey makes you an informed person.
  • Knowledge and experience go hand in hand : Having knowledge about various areas is important not just for doing peculiar tasks but even for sustaining as without knowledge about how to operate various objects or situations in daily course .When companies and organizations look to hire for positions, they are forced to weigh both the education and the experience that applicants have to offer. Society rests so much esteem on attaining a degree that the need for experience is often undermined. So make sure when you are in the process of learning, you do get experience of modes operandi.
  • Knowledge imbues us with authority : and enables us to act and interact with others in a more moral way. True knowledge commands more respect that mere empty authority within a hierarchy ever could. If we have knowledge, we can direct others’ decisions and help them to enhance their lives. Having knowledge about a relevant subject imbues us with authority. No matter who we are, or how old we are, if we have knowledge that is useful to other people, then those people will respect us.

Against :

  • Knowledge can be part of your skill set not whole of it: Knowledge is one of  the asset to accumulate but it does not mean it is the only thing you should focus upon, for example  positive outlook about life can help you succeed , often said " your energy introduces you before you speak" .  You use your energy to find new and innovative ways to do what you feel needs to be done.
  • Expressing knowledge is difficult : We often encounter in debates and discussions some people are reallly influential in terms of points they make and others just talk impressively but worthless, that is the power of good speech delivery where the speaker is called and appraised for just good communication and not knowledge.
  • Life experiences over subjective knowledge :In a survey when asked how often people used their core subject knowledge in the day to day lives and answers that came across were- hardly /never. And the same question when asked about their skills application in the daily course the respondents gave it 90 % weightage. Which brings us to a subtle conclusion that skills people acquire are substantially more important to them than the knowledge from their Core subjects.
  •  Good health as an asset: leads to success even if you never have encountered the formal education,meaning that it not the only skill you want to accumulate.

Knowledge is an important skilll agreed but there are other things like application of knowledge , commmunication of ideas , which are needed in order to thrive. 

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