5G steering committee headed by AJ Paulraj submits its report to DoT


A panel set up by the Department of Telecom(DoT) to prepare a roadmap for rollout of 5G telephony in India expects the service to be operational by 2020.The nine-member Steering Committee, headed by AJ Paulraj, recommended releasing additional spectrum for 5G services. It submitted its report to Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan on Thursday.

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  • The report said 5G services would have a cumulative economic impact of over $1 trillion by 2035. While the US is likely to deploy 5G services later this year, or in the first quarter of 2019, India rollout may begin by 2020. Globally, 5G technologies are expected to evolve to a full range of services by 2024.
  • On the financial side, the committee has suggested a broad planning estimate of ₹300 crore for the first year, ₹400 crore for the second, ₹500 crore in the third year, and ₹400 crore in the fourth.
  • A high-level forum was set up by the government in September 2017 to articulate the Vision for 5G in India, followed by the constitution of a Steering Committee.
  • The committee also pointed out conflicting considerations faced by early adoption of 5G. The early adoption will likely make equipment needed for 5G roll out more expensive and it will also be glitchy as needed for cost maturing. However, early adoption will fast track India’s embrace of 5G’s benefits and increase opportunities to develop innovative use cases that support Indian needs.


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