Google knows more about you than your mother does

At one point or the other, we all have used Google, unless you are living under the rocks. From searching a top B-schools’ placement to surfing on an adult sites (even in the incognito mode), Google knows your every activity, more than your mother does. Quiet literally! At least on the internet or maybe otherwise as well.

Pointers against this statement - 

  • Google knows what we chose to tell. For instance, if I never mention anywhere on the online platforms (blogging sites, social networking sites, etc.) that I hate Broccoli, then Google might never know it.
  • Mother’s instincts are more accurate than Google, which save us from troubles and problems.
  • Google is emotionally handicapped. It does not know what triggers our anxiousness or what specific stress busters do we need.
  • Google does not know where to find our belongings in the house, but mothers know always.
  • Google does not understand emotions. It does not know why we depict different emotions and what is bothering us.
  • Google lacks human touch and does not know when we cry and why. Mothers know to make us smile.

Pointers in favour of the statement -

  • Google knows YOUR DATA - Everything and anything one does online using Google’s browser or partner websites that use its ad service. Technically, it does not know “you”, but it stores tremendous amount of data you create online by performing various activities.
  • DATA SELLING - There is no privacy with Google and they have huge amount of data that is used to generate advertisements that are directed specifically at you. In short, it knows what you are looking forward to buy.
  • Google knows YOUR CONTENT - It knows the content you create online by reading content online and by the searches you have made. It knows with whom you are chatting with in online chat rooms.
  • Google is “YOUR” ASSISTANT - It knows where you are at a particular time of the day and can even list down your routine based on your daily activities such as at X you are at Y, your bus to Z leaves at X+12 mins from Y, etc.
  • Mothers do not know about all this, if you well how to hide it, but Google does.

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