Decline in Open Spaces leads to Negative Effects on Children

Every kid is a born explorer who needs to see and search new things in order to develop physically and mentally, and playgrounds feeds the curiosity of the kids well. It has often been argued that playgrounds are not only important to children for their fun and relaxation but also for their good health and well-being.

But how far the argument that lack of it leads to negative effect is yet to be deciphered –

For - 

  • Whenever kids are engaged in playground you can monitor them to see if they are being exposed to good or bad company. Whereas in online and website based work is relatively hard to monitor, sometimes its due to ignorance or argument by the kids that they find their parents intruding way too much in their lives.
  • While playing in playground you not only expose kids to games but to fresh air, new people, physical activity  and in indoor activities no such exposure Happens leading to underdeveloped and stunted growth.
  • Lack of playgrounds restrains kids to indoor  activity, leading to obesity and all other ailments, posing negative effects on the kids.
  • Reduction or lack  playing affects emotional development, leading to the rise of anxiety, depression, and problems of attention, concentration and self control.  
  • Not only the lack of playgrounds but the pressure and aspirations of the parents have reduced the play time and engaged in indoor activities.

Against - 

  • The actual cause of the decline is not the playground actually, but the hectic life the kids of the generation are living. The routine includes academic tuitions, extra classes, cultural activities, sports classes, school homework .
  • Most the work being available online makes it even harder to step out and engage in physical activity, sometimes it’s the article   they have to write and sometimes it’s the lethargy which makes them work less.
  • Sometimes the kids can do activities indoor, which may suffice them to the appropriate amount of physical activity say scavenger hunt, hide and seek, musical chairs etc.
  • So, its not the lack of playground but the lack interest and changes in the lifestyle increased exposure to technology and gadgets  that has affected negatively the kids life.

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