Data Interpretation: Looks can be Deceptive

“The person sitting next to me was crying during the exam. It was because of DI.” – CAT 2015 aspirant.

“I don’t know what they gave in DI. It was so difficult, I could not understand the representations.” – CAT2017 aspirant.

The story is same for every year and every MBA entrance exam; aspirants find it difficult to solve DI question sets.

But, WHY?

Let understand his view points with examples –

Question – Find the difference between the tax revenue generated from individual income at local and state levels in 2001.

Answer – The difference between the tax % at local and state level generated from individual tax is 18% (Local level – 3% and State level – 21%). Now the total tax generated in 2001 seems to be less than $550Mn. Let’s assume it is $530Mn, hence the difference between the total revenue generated is 530*18% = $95.4Mn

Question – Which industry/industries contribute/contributes to company S?

1. Industry A and B only         

2. B and C only         

3. A and C only         

4. B only

Answer – From the chart it is evident that industry B and C contribute to company S.

Question – Of the listed elements processed by the Industry A, how many tons are produced annually?

1. 30,000         

2. 50,000         

3. 1,00,000         

4. 55,000

Answer – Industry A processes all 6 elements. Total production of these 6 elements is 100,000.

Question – Which of the following countries, after United States, has the highest spending on military as % of GDP, in the period 2000 – 2010?

1. Vietnam         

2. China         

3. India         

4. Brazil           

5. Thailand

Answer – India – only India’s military expenditure (% of GDP) is higher as compared to other countries.

Question – Which country (and which year) has witnessed maximum year-to-year decline in “industry as percentage of GDP”? Given that the maximum value of industry as the % of GDP is 49.7% and the minimum value of industry as % of GDP is 20.02%, in the chart above.

1. Unites States in 2002-3         

2. Brazil in 2006-7         

3. India in 2009-10         

4. Malaysia in 2008-9           

5. China in 2008-9

Answer – Malaysia in 2008-9 – By observing a graph a little closer, one can see that the drop in bar line of Malaysia is maximum as compared to others. Another thing to keep in mind was that the figures given in the question were noise, i.e., they did not have any relative importance to this question.

Happy Learning!

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