Decoding New CAT Elements: ODD SENTENCE OUT

'ODD SENTENCE OUT' questions have featured on & off in CAT's Verbal Ability section. Logically, identifying an odd sentence is just an extension of Parajumbles and  a new way to test your concept of solving para-jumbles.

What is “Odd Sentence Out"?

In “odd sentence out” type of questions, a jumbled paragraph is given with an out of context sentence. One has to find the misfit sentence with respect to the theme/tone/context of the paragraph.

Here are a few strategies given by experts, that will help you to tackle odd sentence out type questions.


a)  Find the common subject/ general idea/ theme:

One should understand the context of the sentences given. Try to identify the common subject, the general idea or theme of the sentences given. The sentence that is not as per the common subject, general idea or theme is the odd sentence.




b) Find a coherent sequence of the jumbled up paragraph

All the sentences will make a coherent paragraph when put together in a sequence. Note: All the sentences (except the odd one) will fit the sequence.




c) Flow contrast

Every paragraph has a certain flow or a sequence. Find the statement which doesn’t follow the sequence or does not fit the flow of the idea, when all the sentences are put together.


Do remember to start from basics of Parajumbles to ace this section. CLICK HERE for most reliable resource on parajumbles. 

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