vocab story - where is the can opener

Note: Click on the words in 'bold' to guess the correct meaning.


A physicist, chemist and an economist were trapped on a deserted island.

Famished and ravenous  , they come across a can washed ashore. They were exhilarated , but only to discern  ... there was no can opener!!

The physicist weighs and ascertains  the strength, picks a sharp flint and tries to carve open the can. 

The chemist advises to soak the can in salt water to corrode it open but the other two rejected the proposal.

The economist shakes his head and chuckles on the endeavour  of chemist and physicist.

In return physicist and the engineer glower at him,  " You think we are not ingenious   enough !?"

The economist rolls up his sleeves, inspects the can and states, "Assume we have a can opener."


The joke is classic example how most of the theorists assume things.

Keep reading and keep assuming!


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