When to schedule NMAT 2018?

A lot of things are happening in the world of MBA aspirants. Now that dates for CAT, IIFT & NMAT are out, and given the trends of past year, predicting the exam calendar for this year is not difficult. Here is what it should look like:

* The 75 days window of NMAT can be further divided into 5 slots/ windows -

The confusion around scheduling NMAT is obvious & understandable. While scheduling your NMAT, here are few things that an aspirant would like to consider:

  • He/she has no exam in 2 weeks before CAT.
  • He/she does not have any attempt between CAT & IIFT because as the time to focus on IIFT specific preparation is very less.
  • He/she gets at least some time dedicated to SNAP &  XAT specific preparation.

Before deciding on the date for test, you first have to decide on how many times you want to write the test. If you are planning to write NMAT –

  • Only once – then, your scheduling of NMAT will depend on your preparation and the other entrance exams you are going to write, such that there is enough gap between the two exams for preparation. For instance – You might want to schedule NMAT well before CAT, in case SNAP is held on the third Sunday (16th) of December 2018.
  • Twice – then, you can give your first attempt in Slot 1 or 2 or 3 (at least 2 weeks before the CAT, or latest by 10th November 2018). The result of the same will announced latest by first week of December and if you are not satisfied with your scores, then you can retake NMAT in December.
  • Thrice – then, scheduling first attempt in the Slot 1 would be appropriate, the result of which you will get to know by second week of November. If you are not satisfied with your scores then, you can retake NMAT in Slot 3, with results being announced by first week of December. If you are still not satisfied, the third attempt could be taken in the Slot 5.

Finally, make sure to:

  1. Keep enough gap between NMAT and any other entrance exam, so that you get preparation time.
  2. Apply for both NMAT (at nmat.org.in) and NMIMS (at nmims.secure.force.com/NMIMS_Application_Login) separately, every time you take an attempt.

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