The Big Question: IMI New Delhi or IMT Ghaziabad?

  • Jul 31st, 2018

Getting into a good B-school for your Masters in Business Administrations is not an easy task. It starts with preparation for various MBA exams such as CAT, GMAT, XAT, and is  followed by preparation for diverse rounds of selection (such as WAT, GD, Psychometric tests, PI) used by B-schools to evaluate candidates. But the battle does not end here. In fact this is when, another real mentally gruelling process begins, WHICH B-SCHOOL TO GO TO!

And one dilemma that we have often seen aspirants in is while choosing between IMT Ghaziabad and IMI New Delhi. 

While aspirants resort to rankings, in this case, they are still left indecisive (refer table on left).

This article aims at presenting a data-based comparison to help aspirants take a wise decision.



1.      Course Specialisations that are offered –

Both IMI and IMT offer specialisation in Finance, Information Management & Analytics, Marketing, and Operations. The table above shows some specialisations unique to each of these.

*Specialised course means that the institute has specifically designed and developed a 2 years program with aim of developing and training professionals in a particular domain.

2.       Batch Size of both the B-schools –

One one hand, the batch size of IMI is 360 and on the other hand batch size of IMT is 600. Huge Batch size of IMT has always posed challenge of a higher competition for good profiles offered by companies during both summer internships and  placements. Infact, it is often said that for an aspirant to bag a good offer from a B-School with large batch, he/she should target being in top 25% of batch.

3.       Placement Scenarios in both the B-schools –

While IMT here wins over IMI in highest salary figure, IMI takes lead in Average figure. However, one must keep in mind that these figures should not be looked at in isolation. Batch Size of the institute, your individual performance, profiles offered, etc. must be factored in as well. 

4.       Fees for studying in these B-schools –

 The aspirants would be paying almost similar amount at both B-Schools. So, pay-out may not be a deciding factor for an aspirant in this case.

5.       Alumni base and Legacy

Alumni are the brand ambassadors of B-school who give back through their industry knowledge and expertise, their own network and help during the placement season to the school.

While both the B-schools started within a year from each other (IMT – 1980 and IMI – 1981), IMT is known for leveraging upon its strong network of more than 11860 alums. However, IMI is late in the race and has a network of more than 4700 alums until now.

6.       Faculty

While comparing the two B-schools on the parameter of faculty, we do not have a clear winner. IMI has always been known for its intellectual capital (faculty and their experience) and is known for its faculty in area of HR and Finance, whereas IMT, known for its marketing course, also has eminent industry experts who are teaching and mentoring students.


We understand that choosing between these 2 schools can be a tricky affair and hope that an objective analysis will help you decide the best for your profile and future endeavours. Here are some quick pointers, which you may like to keep in mind:

  • IMT is a high-risk, high-return option. With the range of Salary offered at IMT being much higher than IMI, you can land on either side. So, if you are among the top percentile of job-getters at IMT, you land a great package. But you also stand to lose in case you are on the lower end of the batch for placements. At IMI, with the range being lower-you are more probable to land up with moderate salary offer.
  • If Marketing is your call and you think that you can excel academically, IMT may be a better choice.
  • If Finance is what excites you most, intellectual capital at IMI is something to look forward to.
  • If you have a knack for career in Banking, IMI’s specialised course in Banking & Finance can be considered as a specialized course.

Once again, feel free to drop us a message in case you have any specific query regarding these B-Schools.

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