WAT Topics Asked in Top B-Schools

Management Lessons from Narendra Modi IIMs
Social Media and Politics IIMs
Rail Budget IIMs
Mangalyaan - Making India a Science & Technology Superpower IIMs
The rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria IIMs
Peshawar school attack IIMs
Ebola outbreak IIMs
The creation of Telangana state IIMs
Communal flare ups in India - conversions, Ghar Waapsi, Saharanpur riots IIMs
Unrest in Ukraine IIMs
Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight, MH370 IIMs
On case regarding e-pharmacy - regulation steps goverment should take and what owners could do. IIM Nagpur
Case study on self driving car IIM Ahmedabad
 Longevity due to medical advancements has adverse effects on the demography. IIM Kozhikode 
Ancient war strategies from ancient epics are relevant in modern business IIM Kozhikode 
Case discussion - provide written solution and then GD - Nepotism IIM Shillong
case where Firm A has laid off some employees and recruiter at competing Firm B suggests to hire those employees to extract trade secrets. IIM Ahmedabad
The ratio of male and female in colleges are good. Then why is it not the same in corporate life.  IIM Bangalore
GoI mission of 2022 on vocational training - suggestions to improve quality of vocational training imparted within this program and the programs conducted before IIM Bangalore
Global warming has adverse effects on all species on the planet. Should we migrate to another planet? If no, suggest measures to mitigate the disaster. IIM Calcutta
TV Serials have started showing Indian Mythology. Are they an effective way to spread awareness about Indian Mythology? IIM Calcutta
Is social inclusion necessary for economic inclusion? IIM Lucknow
Is women empowerment a hyped issue? IIM Lucknow
India's performance in sports seems very poor. Should government give the authority to cooperate companies to train the athletes. Would it help? IIM Indore
Should corporate be involved in development of sports infrastructure. Give reasons? IIM Indore
 Current era is known as "Age of the man" in respect to Usage of natural resources, atmospheric changes, Flora and Fauna. Do you agree or not? IIM CAP
Your opinion on the effect of growth of e commerce sites on retails shops and outlets. IIM CAP
Is it better for old people to live in retirement homes which are far away from cities and in quieter areas. Do advantages of living in retirement homes outweigh the disadvantages? IIM Indore
Earlier generation did not publicize their private life. Today's generation posts trivial and unimportant things about their life on social media. What are your views on this trend ? IIM CAP
Delhi has been in news for pollution. What could be the steps to reduce urban pollution in India. IIM Bangalore
The crime by juveniles are increasing at alarming rate. What steps should be taken for this ?  IIM CAP
Many people have called for death penalties for perpetrators of crimes against women. They believe that this will instil a sense of fear amongst the possible perpetrators living in the society, and would help prevent crimes against women in the future” Discuss your stand on this issue, substantiating it with relevant points. IIM Indore
Air pollution in some parts of India , Its causes and what would you suggest to prevent it IIM CAP
 case study based on Freedom of Speech & Politics, we needed to express our views regarding author's reasoning. IIM Ahmedabad
The Advertisement agency is increasingly using more and more children for advertisements. Give your opinion on whether it negatively affects the growth and development of children. IIM Calcutta
There has been a rise in illegal trade of healthy human organs of the poor and illiterate by medical professionals. Suggest measures to tackle this problem IIM Calcutta
Would you agree that there have been no concerted efforts in India to capitalize on the "demographic dividend" of the young population? Suggest some measures that can be taken for growth of industries and employment. IIM CAP
How can Social Media and Internet help in promoting Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?  IIM Indore
Recently Maharashtra State Government has taken an initiative where there will be collaboration between panchayats,NGOs and Corporates on issues related to education,health and sanitation. Do you think such an initiative has the potential to transform the lives in rural India? IIM Indore
Women outnumber men in postgraduation courses, but still women consists only 27 % of the workforce. What are the challenges women face? What are the reasons behind it? IIM CAP
Should India follow the Presidential form of government? IIM Kozhikode 
What initiatives can be taken to improve the condition of sports in India? IIM Calcutta
 Right to Information(RTI) Act should be applicable to Political Parties and Media. IIM Lucknow
Youth in India are ignoring their health because of heavy work load. Suggest some of the ways from your side for them. IIM CAP
About a survey on school children where it was found out that there is a shift towards joining private school IIM Bangalore
Government is planning to make compulsory to serve in rural areas for Freshly Medical Graduated. How will it affect minimal rural health? What are other alternatives to improve it? IIM CAP
advancements in technology and communications leading to lesser travel for work. How would it affect the social and work life of individuals?  IIM CAP
Outrage on Sexual Harassment by Women with the #MeToo Campaign and it's implications. IIM CAP
how to make citizens aware about waste disposal and steps to mitigate the same. IIM CAP
30 Crore Indians do not have electricity. Should we still focus on Smart Cities? IIM Kozhikode 
Political correctness is curbing the expression of true feelings. Discuss. IIM Bangalore
University rankings are the indicator for the value that these universities add to the students. IIM Kozhikode 
Do you think that children of businessmen and politicians should follow their footsteps as they are more suited for the profession? Support your claim with examples. IIM CAP
Low labour cost and abundance of cheap domestic labour represents no advantage for businesses in this world of increasing globalization. IIM Bangalore
Nuclear weapons are a threat to the human existence and the world but some people also argue that possession of nuclear weapons can be seen as a deterrent to wars. What are your views to this? IIM Calcutta
While some say that people are born with leadership skills, some say people acquire these skills. Discuss your opinion on this. IIM Indore
What is the difference in the roles played by family and friends in one's modern life. IIM CAP
We are the stories we tell ourselves. IIM Kozhikode 
Are social networking sites really effective or are they just sophisticated means of stalking people. IIM Kozhikode 
Should negotiation be considered as a sign of weakness IIM CAP
 #MeToo campaign and why it took so long to raise voice against sexual harassment. IIM CAP
If I could change one trait of mine, what would it be SPJIMR
Traffic on Indian roads are making chaos and Police officials are unable to handle it. Given reasons for Chaos and list few solutions also. IIM CAP
Many doctors take out the healthy organs of the poor people’s body illegally. What measures will you suggest to prevent this IIM Calcutta
In India opposition party always opposes the decisions taken by the current political party even if they take good decisions.What could be done to solve this? IIM CAP
Garbage Disposal is becoming a problem in Indian cities. Suggest ways to solve the issue. How can a citizen ensure effectiveness of measures taken by the government? IIM Indore
Virtual Zoos IIM CAP
Modern lifestyle is leading to lot of waste creation. How can people deal with that? IIM CAP
is Artificial Intelligence good or bad IIM Kozhikode 
Some scientists fear that AI can take over the human species, express your views on that. What do you think about the potential of AI? IIM Calcutta
Why India is called land of festivals? What is it’s impact on Indian society? IIM CAP
Countries such as UAE and BHUTAN have happiness index to oversee social welfare programmes for the well being of citizens. One indian state has also created a ministry of happiness. Comment on this development. IIM Bangalore
Should Doctors be allowed to go on strike or not?  IIM CAP
do you agree that India is not concerned about its ' demographic dividend' ? IIM CAP
Bollywood movies are made by asses for the masses IIM Calcutta
Poor performance of India on air quality index IIM Calcutta
Bharath Vs India IIM Calcutta
Should sports bodies be managed by sports person?  IIM Calcutta
B school education is only affordable to rich people  IIM Calcutta
Men the forgotten gender  IIM Calcutta
Given the potential of art forms to create social unrest, should art forms be aligned with social responsibility   IIM Calcutta
All decisions in a democracy should be taken through referendums IIM Lucknow
Suggest ways to reduce the problem of teacher absenteeism in primary and middle schools IIM Bangalore
Is Immigration a boon or a bane SJMSoM, IIT Bombay 
It takes less time to do something right than that to explain why it went wrong. IIM Kozhikode 
Net Neutrality: A boon or bane IIM Lucknow
Indians are good at being second best but not first MDI Gurgaon
Loose lips sink ships IIM Lucknow
Centralization of Indian Public Sector Oil companies will be a boon IIM Lucknow
The importance of payment banks post demonetization Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon
Can technology help in preventing Money Laundering? Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon
India’s diplomatic ties with China. IMI, New Delhi
Have coaching institutes in India just become a source of business? IIFM Bhopal
Sustainable Development in India DMS, IIT Delhi
The issues in the Indian Education sector MDI Gurgaon
Cultural diversity impedes democratic governance IIM Lucknow
Name should be more important than money IIM Kozhikode 
Demonetization IIM Bangalore
"The highest use of capital is not to make more money, but to make money do more for the betterment of life" IIFT Delhi
More capital should not be used to make more money, rather it should make money do more for the betterment of life ~ Henry Ford IIFT Delhi
Bollywood to Hollywood : Journey of Indian actors IIFT Delhi
How can the internet help in boosting the Indian Economy?  IIFT Delhi
SMART cities IIFT Delhi
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. IIFT Delhi
Strength does not come from physical capacity. It is derived from an indomitable will. IIM Kozhikode 
Digital India IIM Kozhikode 
Individual vs. Group Appraisal system in any company. IIM Kozhikode 
Life is all about taking chances. IIM Kozhikode 
Swachh Bharat IIFT Delhi
“Your school is planning to replace all books in library with digital library. Write a letter to your alma matter expressing your opinion” IIM Ahmedabad
Implementation of digital textbooks in government schools of Kerala IIM Ahmedabad
case study on freedom of expression . should there be limits or not IIM Ahmedabad
 The government has decided to allocate Rs.400 crores to the development of sporting events and activities. The author argues that it is a complete waste of money as the same money could have been spent on health and education(especially in an underdeveloped country as ours). 6 follow up questions. IIM Ahmedabad
 a case study on closing all the teacher development programmes and instead, spending the amount saved in building infrastructure like toilets in school. IIM Ahmedabad
You are a principal of college with 1000 students. A group of students approach you with a proposal to allow opening of a café like Barista on campus. They conducted some surveys – like 90 % students drink tea/coffee daily, 70 % ready to pay at least Rs 80 for good café etc You have to evaluate the proposal, line of reasoning, assumptions etc IIM Ahmedabad
I knew the meaningof jingoism XLRI
men who know their piece of mind can beat those who don’t have or neither attempt SCMHRD
One should always play fair when one have all the winning cards. SCMHRD
If you have a hammer as your only tool, you tend to assume every problem as a nail SCMHRD
should freedom include the freedom to make mistakes?  SCMHRD
Censorship is rarely justified SCMHRD
Real character is determined when you change with changing times and still retain your value SCMHRD
Ever since men began to modify their lives by using technology they have found themselves in a series of technology traps SCMHRD
Geography can hardly be altered, history cannot be undone SCMHRD
Food shortage in India is manmade. IMI, New Delhi
Parliamentary democracy is obstructing the growth of India. IMI, New Delhi
Incredible India tourism campaign IMI, New Delhi
Social networking- A waste of time for youth. IMI, New Delhi
Should India's major concern be China or Pakistan? IMT Ghaziabad
Should vehicles be taken off roads to cut pollution? IMT Ghaziabad
Role of social media in building a brand. IMT Ghaziabad
Should Indian Railways be privatized? IMT Ghaziabad
Freedom of speech: Absolute or Limited? IMI, New Delhi
Current USP of market: ‘offer more for less’. IMI, New Delhi
Independence of Judiciary is the need of the hour IMI, New Delhi
Who is responsible for poor performance of India in Olympics? IMI, New Delhi
Euthanasia IMI, New Delhi
Indian Startups are capable of becoming more than 1 bn. dollar companies. Write for or against in around 400 words. IMT Ghaziabad
Technology doesn't solve a problem. It transforms one problem into other. IMT Ghaziabad
AI is a threat to the job market. Write minimum 5 arguments in favor or against the topic IMT Ghaziabad
Corporate social responsibility - is it mystified? IMT Ghaziabad
Do you consider yourself to be a perfectionist? SPJIMR
Your biggest achievement in life SPJIMR
influence of media SPJIMR
If you had a magic wand what would you want to change in the planet? SPJIMR
Should the retirement age of politicians be fixed SPJIMR
Are you a people's person? Explain with examples. SPJIMR
If you were given a chance to make a wild career after your retirement, what would that be? SPJIMR
Describe any situation where you had to fill in for someone, and your learnings from it. SPJIMR
Explain ways of resolving conflict in a team. SPJIMR
How do you justify doing a PGDM from SPJIMR. SPJIMR
Internet censorship KJ Somaiya Instt. Of Mgt. Studies
Impact of social media on Indian society KJ Somaiya Instt. Of Mgt. Studies
Is congestion tax really helpful in removing congestion? SJMSoM, IIT Bombay 
Describe an artist/band who have successfully established their business and how? SJMSoM, IIT Bombay 
Planning is not required for the growth of India. Is it true? SJMSoM, IIT Bombay 
Government should ban CBFC? SJMSoM, IIT Bombay 
Is FDI in defense really necessary for India? What are positives and negatives.? SJMSoM, IIT Bombay 
Technology is a double edge sword. It should be managed carefully SJMSoM, IIT Bombay 
Scenario - KFC Food joint, why do you think it is not successful SJMSoM, IIT Bombay 
Is reservation valid in today’s time? Justify your answer. SJMSoM, IIT Bombay 
Recently there have been many fires in restaurants. What can be done to restrict these? SJMSoM, IIT Bombay 
Case: A university is facing problems as the students are downloading videos and doing illegal downloads from restricted websites, in the turn making the connectivity very slow and the college is receiving complaints also. Prepare a policy for that. SJMSoM, IIT Bombay 
Growing rate of cars is an indicator of India's growth story KJ Somaiya Instt. Of Mgt. Studies
Contribution of agriculture in Indian economy. KJ Somaiya Instt. Of Mgt. Studies
Domestic violence is an outcome of lack of education. KJ Somaiya Instt. Of Mgt. Studies
Outsourcing in India is shifting from services to manufacturing KJ Somaiya Instt. Of Mgt. Studies


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