NHRDN Announces B-School Ranking 2018

The much awaited NHRDN B-School Ranking is finally out today. While the list of top 20 B-Schools and salient findings have been published in Hindustan Times, the detailed ranking can be viewed at: http://nationalhrd.org/files/Ranking/NHRDN_BSchool_Ranking_2018.pdf

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It gives us tremendous pleasure to share that the research team for this entire exercise was led by Mr Subrat Kumar, CEO, Cinque Education Pvt Ltd and Director, Career2NextOrbit.com.

A look at contemporary Media Publications in India points towards the ever-increasing number of Rankings and Ratings. B-School Rankings are no exception to it. Unfortunately this mammoth number of B-School Ranking exercises have left the stakeholders confused. Be it students, parents or the Corporate, the question crossing the mind of all stakeholders is: “Which Ranking to refer to”?

At the heart of every Research process lies its credibility, without which the entire research loses its relevance. So, six years ago-when NHRDN started its first ever B-School Ranking exercise, the fundamental thought crossing the mind was: “How to make the Ranking process completely credible”?

The key attributes of NHRDN B-School ranking which helps it become the most reliable and foolproof study are:

1)   Holistic Parameters for Evaluatinga B-School: The process looks at the most comprehensive and holistic definition of B-School, and focusses on all the three elements of KNOWLEDGE CREATION, KNOWLEDGE APPLICATION & KNOWLEDGE DISSEMINATION, rather than being myopic and skewed towards only one parameter.

2)  Key Focus on Leadership and Governance: Success and future direction of any organization depends on the Leadership and Governance, and B-Schools are no exception. NHRDN Ranking process stands out for understanding the importance of Leadership and Governance and evaluating it in most robust manner.

3)   Involvement of Industry Stalwarts: NHRDN B-School Ranking process further stands out as the only process, in which Industry stalwarts are involved at all the stages. The hands-on involvement of the Advisory Board led by Mr Dwarakanath P (Director, Group Human Capital, Max India) ensures that the process is forward looking and fits in to measure the industry expectations.

4)   Involvement of Academia Greats: The Ranking process also includes soliciting the views from Academia Greats every year towards making the Research Instrument more contemporary and also seeks their feedback to make the process further robust.

The NHRDN Ranking study for the year throws some interesting contours about the B-Schools in India, as shared below:

· There is an increasing trend among Indian B-Schools to go for International Accreditations which points towards their commitment to Quality standards and dreams  of competing globally.

·  The Research output across the B-Schools has shown an increase in terms of absolute numbers, but quality output is still restricted to certain top B-Schools, where  there is a lot of scope of improvement.

·  Leadership and Governance across most of Indian B-Schools remains a concern and has tremendous improvement opportunities.

·  Placements across the B-Schools have shown improvement across previous year, and the outlook remains positive.

·  Some of the new IIMs are also making their mark, but old top Private B-Schools are still holding their forte.

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