NHRDN B-School Ranking from an Industry Lens


Mr. Neeraj Narang is a Senior Human Resources evangelist with more than 19+ years of diversified experience in HCM, who has re-engineered & digitized various HCM processes at major growth brands. He helps organizations employ robust quality & development programs in HCM and also advises best human capital practices that help organizations attract, grow & retain high potential talent. He worked as HR professional at Rolta, STG, TCS, Birlasoft and is currently working as Director-HCM Product Strategy at Oracle. He has been envisioning the future needs of HR & instrumental in devising the HCM product Strategy. He is also an avid speaker at various HCM national & International events and Management Institutes.

NHRDN B-School Ranking

Context: In line with our series of interviews and articles on B-School Rankings in the country, here is what Mr. Neeraj Narang has to say.

Career2NextOrbit: Please share 2-3 critical things that you observed during the visit. 

Mr. Narang: In my experience, schools are doing a great job by nurturing talents and helping them shape their career. NHRDN is adding value by conducting such surveys and making sure these institutes live up to the expectations and stay focused. Although schools have taken many initiatives to adopt the modern way of teaching students, yet we lack in grooming them on real situations and current challenges. I think we need to provide them recent scenarios and challenges more often to be better prepared to deal with modern era issues.

Career2NextOrbit: What do you think about NHRDN's initiative of involving experts from Industry in validation visit?
Mr. Narang: It is a great initiative by NHRDN to involve Industry experts in B-School Ranking. It eliminates the chance of favoritism in ranking. Industry experts get to know about these schools in details on various key aspects and can also guide them to work on key upcoming areas to bring further improvements. Students & schools also get benefitted by their experiences & have better understanding & awareness of the needs of the Industry.
Career2NextOrbit: Would you like to share any pointers about the whole process of validation visit?
Mr. Narang: Validation process is a good way to connect corporates and B-Schools together. It helps corporates to get more insights into the B-Schools and also keep them on their toes to deliver the correct information and improve further on various parameters. The only suggestion on the same is to engage corporates a little more in advance.
Career2NextOrbit: Has your perception of Governance at B-Schools changed in any way during the process?
Mr. Narang: My perception about some schools has changed after visiting them. It is noticed that some schools are actually doing a great job versus the others who are striving to become better with each passing year. To get better ranking, some of them manipulate data but validation visit makes them correct the data on the spot.
These surveys have helped the B-Schools to work on the areas they are lacking in and also force them to be better prepared for the next year within compliance. With the stringent validation process during surveys, some B-Schools have actually improved in many ways.
Career2NextOrbit: In the limited discussion that you had with stakeholders at school, could you see the vision of leadership translating into action?
Mr. Narang: Yes of course. In most of the schools, measures are taken to compete in education space by keeping the vision in mind. Deans and directors are taking quick actions in adopting change and investing in good resources to impart better & quality education.
Career2NextOrbit: Is there any piece of advice that you have for the MBA aspirants?
Mr. Narang: Any youngster including MBA aspirants are the future leaders of our country. They must demand more from the college and actively engage themselves in all areas which can help them shape their careers. They must look beyond theoretical knowledge and proactively participate & lead discussions on recent challenges, case studies and take additional responsibilities. They should not lose heart, keep patience and remember that hard work is the only investment which never fails. All the best!
Career2NextOrbit: What are few of your observations regarding the institute/s that you visited for the validation process?
Mr. Narang: I visited two institutes and found both of them very different. One of them was a new institute with young staff who helped us in validating all the data and the other was an old institute which empowered their students to engage with us during the visit.
In the former institute, staff was empowered and had all information ready but in the latter institute, the students were prepared to interact with us, deal with real-time situations and face some tough questions. This institute gives students a platform to hone their professional skills while they are acquiring a professional degree. These students had each and every information with factual data. They were also trained by seniors to manage various key events, funds and made them answerable to each of their actions.  I believe that such experiences add value, inculcate confidence in students and take them a long way in their careers.

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