IIFT GK Section: Dissected

  • Nov 27th, 2017
What to expect in the IIFT GK Section

With the CAT exam over on 26 November, 2017, the focus of the aspirants automatically moves to the next set of exams, the closest of them being IIFT, which would be held on 3rd December. It is pertinent to know that IIFT is used to take admission into 2 of its campuses, one at Delhi and one at Kolkata.

Where IIFT stands out primarily from the CAT exam is that IIFT has got a specific section for General Awareness while CAT has got no such section. In this article, Career2NextOrbit research team will share its analysis of the pattern of GK questions asked over last 11 years in IIFT and also will be sharing some of the questions that aspirants of this year may like to attempt before they write the actual IIFT exam. An important thing for aspirants to note here would be that traditionally the cut off for GA section has been very low which also means a huge opportunity because anyone who is able to score sizable chunk, would get a huge competitive advantage over the others.

Our analysis of last 11 years of this section shows that questions can be categorized as follows:




Microeconomics, Business Events, Macroeconomics, Development, International Economics, WTO, World Bank, IMF, Trade Agreements


Ancient History, Modern History


Planets, Road & Ports, Mountains, Physical Geography, States & Culture




Common Diseases, Personalities, Common Chemistry


Brand Awareness, Awards, Currencies, Countries & Capitals, Book & Authors, Inventions & Personalities, Sports, Trivia, Cinema, Defense


And, the main categories stack-up somewhat like this:

Analysis of IIFT Gk Questions

We decided to take a closer look at the contribution of each of these categories to GK section every year for past 11 years, and here is what we found:

Types of question that may come in IIFT 2017

We understand that these categories are very broad, and hence when we delved deeper, we found that the following sub-categories should be the target on every IIFT aspirant as maximum questions in last 11 years have come from these 5 sub-categories. These are:

The relative contribution of these 5 sections over the years looks something like this:

IIFT GK question more likely to come in exam

Further, keeping with our endeavor to provide quality and well researched content to our readers, we are happy to share with you some of Mock IIFT tests which every aspirant must write!

Click here to take one now -


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