Chase your MBA dreams, the way Virat Kohli chases those daunting targets

  • Nov 7th, 2017

1. Start with basics.

Kohli has an amazing ability to keep playing Orthodox cricket. He doesn't play now fashionable crazy cricket but he is still best in the business. So don't always look for short tricks. Just do the basics right. Learn the formulas, rules and be so good that you can answer simple questions in a jiffy.  Basic calculations, cube roots, square roots, ratios, Basic Grammar rules should be rehearsed as much as an effortless cover drive of king Kohli.

2. Baby steps to reach to the Himalayas:

Even in the explosive format of 20-20, Kohli still gets most of his runs on singles and doubles. He doesn't disrespect what most others don't value much. Most of us don’t know what to do with a few minutes that are available to almost all of us during the course of the day. Imagine if you can read just one article in every two hours than you would have read more than  100 articles in a month. Self-discipline and a constant reminder to learn and improve would keep adding a little to your skills set. 99+ Percentile would start from 1. So don’t ignore any moment that has the potential to add a percentile.

3. Keep your calm:

Almost in all the chases, despite running out of partners, Kohli keeps his cool. He believes in himself, doesn't do something stupid and almost every time does what he does best.

So believe in your abilities and back yourself up against all odds.  If you find the paper too difficult then you must remember that it’s same for everyone. So don’t let what you can’t interfere with what you can.  If the start is not too promising then also you may finish on a high. You can always do what you want with what you have.

4. Be passionate and hungry for success.

Dhoni has repeatedly said that Virat's passion and hunger for more make him so special.

So keep your passion alive and remain hungry.  You must take all the challenges in the same stride. Keep writing the tests, keep analyzing them, keep finding a pattern of error, keep rectifying and applying and keep repeating the same pattern. Don’t let the boredom or fatigue spoil your show. Keep pushing a little extra.  At the end, your little extra will make you extraordinary.

5. Build the habit of success.

 Notwithstanding his superstar persona, Kohli has a punishing regime. He works harder, trains harder and always does more. He has built a habit of excellence so he doesn’t have any room for complacency and mediocrity. Success is not an accident. It’s just a habit. Once you build this habit, you will keep embracing excellence.  Don’t let any weakness disrupt your habit.  Your commitment to your success should always triumph any transient temptation.  

Just keep doing right things continuously and soon you will build up the habit of success. The journey would be testing, arduous, tiring but rewards would worth it.

May stars keep guiding you...

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