Solve Reading Comprehension (RC) Questions as Sherlock Holmes

  • Nov 5th, 2017
master RC section

How to Read an RC passage the way Sherlock reads the clues. 

1. Keep sharpening your skills: 

You must have seen that Sherlock has an insatiable appetite for solving cases. Despite being incredibly talented, He never lets complacency sets in. He keeps on revisiting older cases to hone his ferreting skills. You must display  the same passion and craze to enhance your reading skills. Keep challenging yourself by reading eclectic passages in a short span of time. 

2. Maintain a diverse portfolio: 

Sherlock specialises in murder mysteries but he takes any intriguing case that challenges his skills and intellect. This diversity makes him best in the buisness. So don't rely on one specific newspaper to build your reading skills.Keep reading different journals, magazines, books, websites to be a reading champion. Be divergent in your topics as well.Keep reading  articles from  Politics, philosophy, sports, Buisness & Economy, Law, science and technology.  The more  varied  topics you read the more comfort you will feel in verbal section.

3. Scan the passage:

Sherlock has an uncanny eye for details. He doesn't miss anything. You must follow the same pattern while reading a passage. Any transition, change in the tone , any example or counter example must be read attentively to predict the flow of the passage. You must remember that you don't have to memorize the passage so don't fret over something technical. If you need any specific information then you may  revert to the passage. Use your time wisely. Read the passage  for ideas not for words.

4. Be circumspect while choosing the answer:

Sherlock examines all the suspects meticulously and then  zeroes  in on the culprit. You must adhere to same modus operandi to reach to the correct option. Read the question carefully and determine the scope of the question. You can easily eliminate two choices. Read the remaining options again to find out the correct one that fits the description given by the question.

5. Have fun in doing something dead boring.

Though Sherlock constantly deals with Macabre, police, criminals, evidence, He manages to steal his moments of fun. It relaxes him and let him focus on the task. Keep your cool and don't overly stress yourself. A composed mind would certainly perform better that a stressed one. Do learn to relax for a short while during a long stretch of practice. Even a  break of ten second can charge your batteries and rejuvenate your mind. 

Do remember that in the end it's always a competition and the better user of resources would have a better chance of winning. So know your most precious resource; Your mind, and train it to give you an edge...

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