How to score more in your mocks?

  • Nov 1st, 2017
How to score more in CAT MOCK and CAT 2017

By now, You, as an MBA aspirant would have written scores of mocks. It might be possible that your scores might have reached a pleatu and despite your repeated efforts, they might have been giving you a deja vu feeling.

The following  tips might help you score more.

1. Don't write too many mocks:

 You must remember that by just writing mocks after mocks  and repeating the same performance won't do much good. You must give yourself time to revise, reflect and exceute your learnings.You might have been repeating the same error in all the mocks and only a meticulous analysis would enable you to spot it and do the needful.

2. Find the pattern of the errors:

 A detailed analysis would help you identify your vulnerable areas. You might be reading too slowly or you might have been making some computational errors. Analysis would help you chart  a course of action for the  next mock.

3.Give yourself a target:

 Shun any generalized formula for improvement. Quantify your target. For example, You May make a target of scoring atleast  10 more marks than those of your previous mock. Then distribute them further in to all three section. It may be 5-3-2 or 3-3-4. Achieving these goals would boost your confidence tremendously.

4. Don't be too harsh on yourself: 

Supposing You were   performing consistently well but one odd mock turned out to be an aberration. It happens and it's good because it won't let complacency set in. One odd poor performance can't define you. Keep believing in  yourself.

5. Keep a balance between learning and testing:

Writing a mock is a  test of certain skills. If your skills are limited , then you may not go beyond a certain point. For example, if your vocabulary is not good then you may miss even some basic vocab based questions. If you havent studied geometry then , you  would  have  fewer options in quant section. So atleast try to learn the basics and practice sufficient number of questions to give a decent standing in the topic. If there is a question of moderate difficulty level then you can  answer it. So learn new skills to increase the probability of scoring more. 

Keep learning...

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