CAT Preparation Last Mile: How to make most of last month

  • Oct 27th, 2017

The last 30 day countdown to the most awaited management study paper of the year has begun. You might be a student who has completed all his syllabus or a student who has a lot of syllabus to cover. You can be any one of these, but these last 30 days are important for everyone, almost half of your final score will be dependent on what you on these final weeks.

Mock Test:

Take a mock every alternate day for the first 15 days, analyze your performance and look out for the conceptual gaps. Work on those gaps on the day that you are not giving a mock. Repeat this for two weeks. Experiment with the way you approach a paper in these days, this is the best time to do all trial and error, for verbal, RC first or vice versa; for DILR DI first or LR; for quant, start working directly, or first have a look and target easy questions. Finalise a strategy till these two weeks end.

A Full Mock Test daily for the last 15 days, with the finalised strategy.

Give the mocks at your CAT exam time slot, it will adjust your biological clock for better performance in the final exam.

Do the analysis of your daily performance, find

-        Easy questions left

-        Time wasted on tough questions

Generally all mock test platforms provide time analysis, try decreasing both of the above.

Use at least two mock test series, use of single mock test makes you comfortable with their paper setting technique, try out free mocks of other platforms as well.

Sectional Preparation:

Perform these tasks daily religiously for next one month, and you will see the improvement in your scores which will reflect in your final results also.


-        Read editorial section of one good newspaper ( The Hindu / Indian Express)

-        Two RC’s

-        5 parajumbles

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation:

-        2 DI set

-        2 LR set

Quantitative Aptitude

-        Prepare a formula sheet, and note down every new concept that you come across in the mocks

-        It is not about doing all the questions, start choosing the right ones.

-        Study Geometry & Arithmetic. If you have left out these topics, prepare them now. 40-50% is based on these topics.

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