“Innovation, Integrity and Inclusiveness will differentiate IIM Sambalpur as IIM 3.0" - Dr. M.P. Jaiswal, Director, IIM Sambalpur

  • Sep 26th, 2017
Innovation, Integrity and Inclusiveness will differentiate new IIM Sambalpur as it will be known as IIM 3.0

The stakeholders of management education system yet again find themselves looking forward with hope and skepticism at the unfolding journey of version 3 IIMs (IIMs in Nagpur, Visakhapatnam, Bodh Gaya, Amritsar, Sambalpur, Sirmaur and Jammu) that has just begun. While it may be too early to comment on what the IIM ecosystem would shape up into, Dr. M.P Jaiswal, director of IIM Sambalpur, in an exclusive interview with Career2NextOrbit, shared his take on changing paradigm and new initiatives at new IIMs, that aspirants should consider; especially at IIM Sambalpur. 

Dr. M.P. Jaiswal, Director of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Sambalpur

About Dr. M.P. Jaiswal: Dr. Mahadeo Jaiswal is currently Director of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Sambalpur and also Professor of Information Systems. Prior to this he was Professor and Dean at MDI, Gurgaon. His qualifications include PGPX from MIT Sloan School of Management, USA; PhD in Computer Science from Delhi University and Sr. Fulbright Fellow from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. He has been Visiting Professor at IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Indore. His area of expertise include Innovation Strategy for Startups and Government, Digital Innovation & Platform Eco Systems, Social Entrepreneurship, e-Government, ERP and IT Strategy.

Career2NextOrbit: How would the new IIMs be different?

Dr. Jaiswal: Whether we talk about old or about new IIMs, the interference of Ministry in the working is quite high, and this is when the IIM Bill (yet to be passed) will play a major role of empowering directors and board at IIMs. With the passing of IIM Bill, both new and old IIMs will witness transformation. 

Old IIMs such as IIm Ahmedabad, and IIM Calcutta, were started with a vision of providing world-class education of stature of institutions like Harvard and MIT. And today, while new IIMs are being established, the lack of complete autonomy due to governmental systems and procedure, thus incapacitating directors of bringing change. And it is here that IIM Bill will empower board and directors at IIMs, as it will move the institutes out of purview of ministry. Also, IIM Bill is an equalizer, i.e., all IIMs will become equal. 

However, what will still differentiate new IIMs, and specifically IIM Sambalpur, is:

1. Innovation: New IIMs are better positioned w.r.t. innovating, as bringing any change based on technology or otherwise in a generation old established system is difficult. The absence of infrastructure or processes in new IIMs today, or at least in Sambalpur, and starting everything from scratch, is their advantage as there is no resistance to implement new, better and upgraded. Hence, Innovation is going to be more smooth and effective in new IIMs.

2. Inclusiveness: The small town locations of new IIMs will enable them to be catalysts of an inclusive growth, as they will be able to serve a larger spectrum of population, and not only elite. And, not being inclusive is a major reason why IIMs do not find place in global rankings. 

We at IIM Sambalpur, have proposed a model called ‘Social Business Innovation’ that every business should follow, to say that primary objective is self-sustaining social development, and not economic development. We have started a series of talks by industry veterans on the same at IIM Sambalpur. 

3. Integrity: Third, very strongly on our agenda is, no compromise on integrity. The moment you become inclusive, your integrity goes up because you are responsible to society. Consider the case of TATA. TATA is known for integrity, and that is also because TATA model of business is inclusive.

Hence, with IIM Bill, old IIMs have the opportunity to bring themselves on same opportunity platform as new IIMS, if they are able to manage the change. And, with the 3 features of Innovation, Inclusiveness and Integrity, new IIMs will change the face of management education in India and make it world class. 

Career2NextOrbit: When a student finds himself in conundrum of choosing between a new IIM (version 3), and an equally good non-IIM B-School such as MDI, IMT, IMI etc how may he/she decide?

Dr. Jaiswal: I think an individual can see his long term future or immediate output of the B-School  like MDI, IMT, IMI etc are well-established and have all the ecosystem in place but may lack in experimentation. So, if an individual is willing to take risk, wants to be different brand in himself, we invite him or her to join us in the experiment at IIM 3.0.

Our aim is not to remain different but bring change in management education for others to follow and call it a success. 

Career2NextOrbit: So, in this context, is IIM Sambalpur going to start any new courses?

Dr Jaiswal: Yes. We are starting PGP-Ex, and we are already in talks with industry there. We are also going to start program on ‘Social Business Innovation’. 

Career2NextOrbit: What change will various students experience at IIM Sambalpur?
Dr. Jaiswal: Here is what we are trying to do different at IIM Sambalpur. 

The point here to note is that every MNC is struggling in India. While they get intellectually sound candidates, they don’t feel sure of their ethical and integrity standing. So, one change that we are going to bring is run an ‘Integrity Test’ at the time of admission. We are also going to look at long term vision of students towards life, their entrepreneurial mindset, their take on inclusive growth, etc. 
We will focus on teaching that ‘purpose of life’ is greater than ‘work of life’, and emphasize on transformation of an individual to become capable of transforming millions. 

Career2NextOrbit: Our concern at this point is, will this vision of producing individuals who do not want to enter the mad race but bring about a larger change, is it going to be hallmark of IIM Sambalpur or transcend to all IIMs? 

Dr. Jaiswal: I think someone has to initiate. For example, IIM Udaipur has done well in research, and it is being appreciated. Similarly, IIM Sambalpur cannot compete in location, placements, or infrastructure, but what IIM Sambalpur will show is the process of complete transformation. 

Career2NextOrbit: What would be some of the steps that you would be taking in IIM Sambalpur in next 6-8 months?

Dr Jaiswal: We are going to shift to a new temporary campus in January 2018. Post that, we are going to:

1. Build technology intense smart classrooms.
2. Make live projects compulsory for every student and every course, to be done together with faculty and industry.
3. Partner with Transparency International, to build integrity index for us and other B-Schools


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