Mission MBA by Rajiv R. Thakur

  • Sep 22nd, 2017
Mission MBA

Mission MBA by Rajiv R. Thakur is a book specifically written to cater to those that either wish to know more about MBA admission and preparation, or are seeking information on how to survive and ace this course. This book also holds answers for those curious souls that want to know about the feasible opportunities and possibilities that are made viable with an MBA degree. The book is loaded with practical advice from the industry experts that don’t just have years of relevant experience but are also at that advanced stage in their career and position that allows them to provide the right insights. 

Through this book, Dr. Thakur seeks to solve the decisiveness dilemma that every student faces at the time of making directional choices in their career. This book is the result of the author’s understanding that a dearth of relevant information on the subject makes students go through a lot of unnecessary hardships and misguided advice from people can actually ruin a potentially promising career. 

The first chapter begins with a detailed discussion on the relevance of education and skills in today’s social and economic situation and how every family and society must be committed to make a mark in this regard. Dr. Thakur believes this factor to be of utmost importance as the survival, success and prosperity of not just individuals but also the communities at large is hinged on these elements. 

Next, he proceeds to discuss the vast pool of available career options post-liberalization and globalization in India. The changed economy of the country has uplifted the pressure from the public sector to create more jobs for the growing youth population and opened the pathway for the private sector to recruit the bright and young talent of the country. He says, bridging the gap with the right information will enable youths to shape their future by choosing the right career avenue for themselves.  Dr. Thakur discusses in great detail the various subject and career options, the important criteria that are considered by the institutions and companies and how having prior information on these important topics can make the whole process almost hassle-free. 
In the next chapter, the author has successfully attempted to answer ‘why MBA’ may be the right career option for many youths against the backdrop of rising global economy, growing markets and increasing trade and an ever-increasing demand for efficient managers for handling the operations at these newly mushrooming companies, both nationally and internationally.

In the following chapters he doles out advice from his store of wisdom on how to prepare for the various management entrance exams and then on ways to proceed with the enrollment in a B-School of choice. His insight on the selection of MBA Institutions is a perfect guide on ways to land up at a good B-School. It is also a proof that the author has done his research well and knows of all the alternate methods that one might overlook in lieu of the right information.

In the chapter, ‘Two Challenging Years of MBA’, he tells ways MBA students can tackle the difficult semesters and grueling schedule to come out victorious and ready to climb the success ladder in the corporate world. Apart from this, he has also touched other important topics such as Summer Internship, importance of multidimensional personality in increasing the employability rate of a candidate, and how students can ace the training and placements.  All this is followed by extremely enlightening interviews of experts in the field that provide groundbreaking insights into what really works and how students can make the most of their time at B-Schools. 

‘Mission MBA’ is not just a goldmine of insights from various industry experts but also a step-by-step guide to the various stages associated with the planning and attainment of an MBA degree. Whether you are an MBA aspirant or a student currently enrolled in the MBA programme, this book will definitely help you work your way up the corporate ladder.

Contents of the book are as follows:

1.    Education-skill and Family system
2.    Career Choice for Youth
3.    MBA, How is this Destination? 
4.    Enrollment in MBA and Preparation
5.    Selection of MBA Institutions
6.    Two Challenging Years of MBA
7.    Summer Internship 
8.    Multidimensional Personality
9.    Training and Placement
10.    Experts Opinion

(i)    Some Important Websites Related to Placement
(ii)    Some Important Websites Related to Rankings
(iii)    Curriculum Vitae
(iv)    Some Leading Business Schools of the Country
(v)    Important Coaching Institutions of the Country
(vi)    Important Counselling Websites
(vii)    Some Useful Aps


“It is a contemporary book for the students who join the MBA programme but hardly know what to look for during the two valuable years of the completion of the programme. The students will find ‘Mission MBA’ a great guide for themselves. 

I firmly believe that details explained in the book will be highly useful for students to develop a career in management and make them successful. Apart from students, this book would be useful for parents, guardians and faculty also. Overall, I can say with confidence that ‘Mission MBA’ has spared no effort in attaining its milestone.”
-    Padmasri Dr. Pritam Singh
Ex-Director IIM Lucknow, Ex- Director MDI Gurgaon, Ex-D.G. IMI New Delhi

About the author:

The author, Dr. Rajiv R. Thakur is presently a Professor at IIM Jammu. In his previous assignments, he has been the Director at two reputed management institutes, Jaipuria Institute of Management (Noida and Jaipur campuses) and AKGIM- Ghaziabad. He has also served as a Professor at IMT Ghaziabad. He was one of the members of the founding Core team of IMT Dubai. Before joining academics, for over 12 years, he was deeply involved in the field of Media (The Times of India and The Statesman). 

Dr. Thakur has a Ph.D. in Economics (Patna University) as well as an MBA (IIT Delhi). He did his Post-Graduation in Economics from Delhi University. He enjoys a reputation for carrying out prolific research on various economic issues and has earned a name for publishing articles in high-impact international and national journals. 

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