National Anthem in Cinema Halls

Like any decision, the verdict by Supreme Court directing cinema halls across the nation to play the National Anthem before a movie screening is gathering mixed reactions.

This topic has been asked in both WAT and GD format at various colleges. Here we will give you a snapshot of both sides of coin to help you construct a meaningful answer.

Related Information:

  • While law does not criminalize the act of not standing when National Anthem is playing, incidents of people expressing their agitation on others not standing during the national anthem have been reported. One example of such incident is that of Goa, where Salil Chaturvedi, a disabled person, was abused and struck for not standing up.

In favor of verdict:

  • Standing for one min should not be the problem to the people to respect their own country.
  • It is great way to generate the patriotism in the people. It shows the national integration and brotherhood among the citizen of the nation.
  • It is the best possible way to remember the sacrifice of freedom fighters, who lost their lives for the independence of India.
  • It should be extended to other areas such as festivals, public celebrations, etc.

Against Verdict:

  • Some would argue that legal intervention in promoting and inserting national pride amid people can be a problematic idea.
  • People believe that Maharashtra is a lesson in this regard, where the situation is nothing less than chaotic when the anthem is played. Not only it is a disrespect, but the violence that sometimes follows is uncalled for.
  • The effect of playing national anthem before a movie as is intended by Supreme Court is, “When the national anthem is played it is imperative for everyone to show honor and respect. It would instill a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism.” This effect however is debatable. Also, the logic behind this is questionable. Consider that national anthem is played in international sporting events when teams represent countries. It is played in diplomatic events, when diplomats and officials represent the country. It is played on national days, when the country is celebrating the nation, such as independence or republic day. So, basically, it is played when respect is to be paid to the nation.
  • People could make a case for it being an insult to anthem.

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