The structure of NMAT exam and how many times should one appear for it

  • Aug 16th, 2017

NMAT by GMAC is a computer adaptive national-level aptitude test conducted by GMGC on behalf of GMAC in India. The validity of the test is one year and is conducted to shortlist prospective MBA/PGDM students for admission to NMIMS and other B- Schools that accept the ‘NMAT by GMAC’ scorecard. NMAT by GMAC 2017 has a 75-day wide testing window from 5th October 2017 to 18th December 2017 and the candidates have the liberty to choose the test slot, subject to availability of seats at the test center. The fee to submit scores to five B-Schools is included in the registration fees.

NMAT by GMAC Test Structure

It is a computer based test comprising of 3 sections (Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning) each of which are individually timed. NMAT exam is unique for every test- taker as candidates get computer generated random test questions from a pool of questions, delivered one by one. It is to be noted that the number of questions, difficulty levels, and time limit are predetermined for every section in the NMAT test. Between the three sections, candidates are also given the freedom to select which sections they want to solve first. In case, candidates finish a given section before the allotted time for that section gets over, they may utilize that time to review their answers in that section or proceed to the next section. However, they cannot add the extra time to another section. The result of the NMAT test is declared within 4-5 weeks and is equated to provide a fair score. GMAC has not proposed any changes in the test pattern or syllabus for NMAT this year.

NMAT Exam Pattern 


No. of Questions

Allotted Time

Language Skills


22 minutes

Quantitative Skills


60 minutes

Logical Reasoning


38 minutes



120 minutes

NMAT Exam Syllabus

Language Skills

Quantitative Skills

Logical Reasoning

Language usage & it's rules


Family tree

Para Jumble and Syntax

Geometry and Algebra


Antonyms and Synonyms

Modern Mathematics

 Numeric grid


Number Systems

 Coding and Decoding

Vocabulary and Idioms

Data interpretation


Fill in the blanks


Decision-making & verbal skills

Reading comprehension

Data sufficiency



How Many Times

NMAT by GMAC is considered a student friendly exam as it does not have a system of negative marking and provides students with the opportunity to retake the exam by paying a nominal fee if they are not satisfied with their performance on the test.

The limit for the maximum number of test attempts an aspirant can make is set at 3, initial attempt coupled with 2 retakes. If a candidate registers for the exam but fails to take the exam for any reason, it is counted as a ‘no show’ and is considered an attempt. However, if desired by the test- takers they can choose to hide their previous scores from the B-Schools.

Although NMAT by GMAC allows a maximum of three attempts, Career2NextOrbit team suggests taking the test only when a candidate is sure of preparation. A useful tactic may be to take a sufficient number of mock tests to gain familiarity with the type of questions generally asked in the test. Mock tests are also useful in gauging performance and can help analyze the strong and weak areas to identify better exam strategies for NMAT exam preparation. Often, when students rely on other attempts to improve their performance without focusing on the present exam, they end up caught in an endless cycle. However, in situations when a candidate has worked hard and feels that they can further improve their marks and better their chances of getting offers from top B- schools, exhausting all the three attempts is justified.

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