The Curious Case of CAT Cut-offs at IITs

IITs Cut-offs Decoded

Before you start reading this article, please do three tasks honestly.

  1. Write down your perceived CAT Cut-Off percentile for MBA programs at IIT-Delhi, IIT-Roorkee and IIT-Madras?
  2. If point 1 is difficult (You don’t want/are unable to guess exact percentiles), just arrange them in increasing order of values.
  3. If you still find it difficult, please google it and write down your inferences from the first few sites you land up at.

Now, you are all set to go.

The reason for picking up this article is simple. Filling forms for MBA colleges is a costly proposition, and hence every year, lacs of students preparing for admission in Indian B-Schools face this dilemma: “WHICH FORMS TO FILL?”

Digging a little deeper, all aspirants would like to fill the form of B-Schools whose Cut-off is in the range of their expected CAT percentile. Let’s look at few scenarios.

  1. If they fill the form for B-Schools which have their CAT Cut-off higher than expected score, there are higher chances of their money getting wasted. However, if they don’t fill the form, and the Cut-off dips/their score comes better than expectations-they always carry that remorse of having missed out on a good opportunity. As a result, they tend to take certain amount of risk or be highly optimistic ๐Ÿ˜„ or just drop that B-School.
  2. If they fill the form for B-Schools which have their CAT Cut-off higher than expected score, they either end up not taking admission or feeling dissatisfied with their quality of learning.
  3. If they for B-Schools which have their CAT Cut-off in the range of expected score, it’s the ideal scenario.

For our detailed analysis of the role of CAT score in final admission in IIMsclick here.

But-let’s also keep in mind, many good B-Schools have the last date of their form submission before the CAT exam, which makes the entire process all the trickier. Add to it, the various categories one may be eligible for (Gen, NC-OBC, SC, ST, KM, DA) for the public B-Schools (Including IIMs and IITs), and it becomes a deadly combination to decode and decide.

In such a scenario, what does an aspirant normally do? Refer to all the information available both online and offline, discuss with friends, seniors, ask test prep industry people, refer to his/her practice test scores, check his/her risk appetite and financial strength- and then take the LEAP OF FAITH.

All the stakeholders mentioned above have a role to play, which they play to the best of ability.

Unfortunately, a cursory research shows most of them maybe right in intent, but wrong with data.

Career2NextOrbit team undertook a painstaking research and in line with its commitment, came with following startling answers to the questions asked in the beginning of this write-up.

1)     The CAT Percentile Cut-off for IIT-Delhi, IIT-Madras and IIT-Roorkee for their MBA programs for the year 2017-19 batch is as below*:







94.39 (Male), 92.71(Female)




88.22 (Male), 79.70 (Female)




69.88 (Male), 60.16 (Female)




81.53 (Male), 65.92 (Female)






2)     Therefore, looking for Category wise, the Cut-off in terms of increasing order for various categories is:

a)    GENERAL: IIT-Delhi

b)    NC-OBC: IIT-Delhi

c)     SC: IIT-Roorkee

d)    ST: IIT-Roorkee

e)    DA/PWD: No such details for IIT-Madras. Else, IIT-Roorkee

However, we must also emphasize that most of the IITs also consider other parameters other than CAT Score for shortlisting and finally admitting students and hence, only CAT Percentile can never be taken as a barometer of quality of students.

On the parting note, do you know?

For batch of 2017-19, IIM-Ahmedabad had lower CAT Cut-off percentile for General category than IIM-Amritsar? ๐Ÿ˜„

Keep watching this space for authentic information. We reaffirm our commitment to quality and authentic information for B-School fraternity.

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For our detailed analysis of the role of CAT score in final admission in IIMsclick here.

Career2NextOrbit Editorial Team

*These details have been obtained as the result of RTIs filed with various IITs. You can refer to the entire RTI response at https://www.career2nextorbit.com/article/286/rti-resources

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