Life at IRMA: Opportunities and Challenges

  • Anant Tiwari, Alumni- IRMA
  • Jul 20th, 2017

First things first! The biggest learning any university can offer to a student like me is a chance to understand the opportunities and challenges in the rural areas. IRMA, to me, was a blessing in this regard. I have both, appreciation and interest in the complexities of the rural economy and the businesses that thrive in the rural areas. Getting to read farmers balance sheet made me realise that farming is probably the most risk prone private enterprise in the country. Studying at IRMA gave me the ability to empathise with the every day operational challenges of rural businesses. Such hands-on-experience is undoubtedly the biggest plus of IRMA life.

I’ve spilled the beans in the first paragraph itself to highlight IRMA’s USP. IRMA has all that any premier B- school has to offer. IRMA offers all the mainstream business management courses like Accounts, Stats, Marketing, Financial management, Market Research, Strategy, OB, HR, Project Management, Costing, Operations and Supply Chain etc. The campus is always bubbling with activities round the year. Late night study sessions, business fests, sports, quizzes, student clubs, seminars, cultural events, industry interactions dominate the calendar at IRMA.

IRMA’s courses and syllabus have been developed with a strong focus on developing a thorough understanding of the intricacies of rural society, polity, and market. It has a wide range of rural focused subjects, about three spells of rural focused field work and 3 internships of two months each. It is at this point, many students looking forward to jobs in the metropolitan cities with hopes of great placement packages realize that they are a misfit for such a demanding course as for placements, IRMA gives priority to organisations that are involved in rural work and may not necessarily fetch students a very hefty package. This can be regarded as a peril of studying at IRMA as many find this aspect a blend of confusion and insecurity. However, if you are a problem solver with a flair for critical analysis, IRMA is the place for you. The subject matter at IRMA is so intriguing, that one comes to see things from a totally different angle and keeps getting amazed with the amount of learning that happens on a daily basis.

When I joined IRMA, I was not sure about what was on offer but my intent to learn how things in the development and rural spaces can be made to work was certain. At the time I joined IRMA, I was already married and had a six-year career in software. IRMA’s record of 100% placement helped me make the decision and today I regard it as one of the best decisions of my life.

Go ahead and take yours!

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