First Year In MBA - Cornerstone For Future Success

  • Dr H Chaturvedi, Director BIMTECH - Greater Noida
  • Jun 21st, 2017

For a new CEO in the corporate world, his performance in the first 100 days is considered crucial as it is closely watched by investors, employees, the stock market, promoters, and media.  Similarly, when students are joining a 2 Years MBA programme, they should try to be especially focused, vigilant and proactive during the first year.  The first year is very significant for MBA students as it may well determine the final outcome at the end of the course. It can give them a head-start in their career!

What are the reasons that make the first year in MBA so crucial?

1. Your perception as a student is created in the first 150 days

Most of the MBA programmes follow the Trimester system.  The majority of core courses are taught during the first two Trimesters. Whatever you do during the first 5-6 months of your MBA, will largely create a good, average or bad perception in the mind of teachers and fellow students.

2. Understand the eco-system and culture of the campus

Every B-school has some distinct features and legacy which influence the eco-system and the culture. You have to understand it minutely and show that you follow it scrupulously.

3. Be an active participant in the classroom, hostel, and all extra-curricular activities

During MBA, along with your performance in the classroom, it would be advisable to be active in sports, literary and cultural activities. Join some clubs which can give you ample opportunities to hone your soft skills and to develop inter-personal skills.

4. Work on your General Awareness by reading Newspapers & Books

Recruiters always want to test your awareness of whatever is happening in the world. Mere subject knowledge will not be sufficient in your campus recruitment. Invest time in the library. Watch business channels on TV and discuss current issues in your peer group.

5. Be A Smart Networker & Use Social Media Effectively

Every corporate professional has to be necessarily a smart networker and proficient in the use of social media. Do not write on social media irresponsibly. It can be checked by your future employers. Network with industry professionals and alumni through social media.

6. Your good health and mental fitness will be your saviour during moments of crisis

A good B-school requires 12 hours to 15 hours of daily hard work. If you are not physically and mentally strong, you will not be able to cope up with the work pressure. Hence regular exercise, good sleep, and a balanced diet would be the essential requirements for your success.

7. A Good Summer Internship Project can be converted in a PPO

At the end of the first year, you have to undergo a two to three months’ summer training. You should be very careful that you are given a good project by the company where you join the summer training. Do not be casual about your summer training. Always remain in touch with your faculty and industry mentor.   Invest all your efforts to write a good Summer Internship Report which can turn out to be your passport to your dream company.

To conclude, be clear and focussed during the very first year of your MBA and specifically, the 150 days or first 2 Trimesters that will shape your destiny at a B-School.

My best wishes for a meaningful first year in your MBA!

About the Author: Dr H Chaturvedi is Professor and Director at Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida, India.  He has more than 40 years of experience in teaching, research and academic administration.  He is Director, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), a statutory body under MHRD, Government of India during 1995-99.  Being a renowned management educationist, he has been deeply involved with national bodies in management domain like AIMA, NHRDN, AIMS and the Indian Management Conclave (IMC).  Dr Chaturvedi is a Member of Board of Governors, Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management (IITTM), Gwalior (under the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.  Dr Chaturvedi is also a member of the CSR Committee of FICCI. 

Dr Chaturvedi is the Founder Trustee and the Executive President of the Education Promotion Society for India (EPSI), and also the Founder of the Alumni Association of Agra University (AAAU).  Dr Chaturvedi has authored and edited five books relating to various challenges before Indian Business and economy.

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