IIM- C admissions break all records with 30% women students

  • Jun 16th, 2017
IIM- C admissions break all records with 30% women students.

The number of women admitted to the IIM- Calcutta campus witnessed a dramatic surge with nearly 31% of new students being female for the 2017- 19 batch. This surge is regarded as a two- fold increase from the past year and has surpassed the number of women candidates at the other two top IIMs – IIM-Ahmedabad and IIM- Bangalore. This is also the highest female representation in the history of IIM- C.
IIM- C admission chairperson Pritam Basu was quoted as saying "The girls performed incredibly well in the interview and got through on their own steam." He also informed that in order to promote gender diversity on the campus, IIM- C has made some deliberate changes in their admissions policy. He revealed that usually, women candidates were marked up a little after the CAT scores and were awarded 3 extra points out of 100 at the pre- interview stage. This year, the women candidates were awarded 2 extra points out of a total 50 and that has contributed in bringing more gender diversity on the campus.
In 2016, IIM- C recorded 16.4% female admissions registering a a sharp drop in the number of women candidates admitted every year. This motivated the policy makers to re- think their admissions policy and make suitable changes. IIM- C Dean Anindya Sen said “There has been no official mandate but the institute has always aimed at having a more diverse classroom.”

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