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  • Jun 5th, 2017

About the company:

Unilever is a Dutch-British transnational consumer goods company co-headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and London, United Kingdom. It is one of the oldest multinational companies; whose products are used by 2.5 billion people on any given day of the year. In the year 2016 Unilever has done a turnover of 52.7 Billion Euros. It has a workforce of 1,69,000 people in around 190 countries.

 Its product line includes 400 brands subdivided into food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products but brands like Axe, Dirt is Good (e.g. Omo), Dove, Family Goodness (e.g. Rama), Heartbrand (e.g. Wall’s), Hellmann’s, Knorr, Lipton, Lux, Magnum, Rexona, Sunsilk, and Surf make sales of more than 1 Billion Euro a year.

History: On 2 September, 1929 Lever Brothers and Margarine Unie sign an agreement to create Unilever. The businesses initially aim to negotiate an arrangement to keep out of each other's principal interests of soap and margarine production, but ultimately decide on an amalgamation instead. On 1 January,1930 Unilever is officially established.

Founder- Lever Brothers and Margarine Unie

Lever Brothers: William Hesketh Lever and James Darcy Lever

Margarine Unie: Jurgens Co.( Antonius Johannes Jurgens) and Van den Bergh Co.( Samuel van den Bergh)

Chairman- Marjin Dekkers

Chief Executive Officer- Paul Polman

Hindustan Unilever: Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is an Indian consumer goods company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is owned by Unilever which owns a 67% controlling share in HUL as of March 2015.

The Company has about 18,000 employees and has a net sales of INR 31,425 crores (financial year 2015-16).

Revenue- Rs. 31,987 crores

Some of the famous brand under HUL-  With over 35 brands spanning 20 distinct categories such as soaps, detergents, shampoos, skin care, toothpastes, deodorants, cosmetics, tea, coffee, packaged foods, ice cream, and water purifiers, the Company is a part of the everyday life of millions of consumers across India. And the brands are as follows:

Active Wheel, Annapurna, Aviance, AXE, Breeze (soap), Brooke Bond, BRU, Brylcreem, CIF, Clear, Clinic Plus, Close Up, Comfort, Cornetto, Domex, Dove, ELLE 18, Fair and Lovely, Hamam, Indulekha, Kissan, Knoor, Kwality Walls, Lakme, Ayush Therapy, Lifebuoy, Lipton, Lyril, Lux, Magnum, Pears, Pepsodent, Ponds, Pure it, Rexona, Rin, Sunlight, Sunsilk, Sure, Surf Excel, TIGI, TONI&GUY, TRESemme, Vaseline, Vim

Headquarter- Mumbai, India

Chairman- Harish Manwani

CEO- Sanjiv Mehta 

Last 5 years of data:


Head counts

Revenue(in Billion Euros)
















P&L Statement of Hindustan Unilever:

P&L Statement of Hindustan Unilever

Global Net sales by Business segment 2016:

  • Personal Care - €20.2 billion (38% of total sales)
  • Foods - €12.5 billion (24% of total sales)
  • Home Care - €10.0 billion (19% of total sales)
  • Refreshment - €10.0 billion (19% of total sales)

India Segment wise Sales in %:

India Segment wise Sales in %

Net sales by Geographic Reason 2016:

  • Asia/Africa/ RUB (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus)-  €22.4 billion (42% of total sales)
  • The Americas- €17.1 billion (32% of total sales)
  • Europe- €13.2 billion (25% of total sales)

Acquisitions: (Last 20 Acquisitions)


Company Name


Apr 20, 2017

Sir Kensington's


Dec 16, 2016

Living Proof


Sep 19, 2016

Seventh Generation


Aug 16, 2016



Jul 19, 2016

Dollar Shave Club

$1B in Cash

Oct 2, 2015



Jul 2, 2015



Jun 24, 2015



May 6, 2015

Kate Somerville Skincare


Mar 2, 2015

Ren Skincare


Dec 3, 2014

Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto


Mar 10, 2014

Qinyuan Group


Sep 6, 2013

T2 Tea


Dec 20, 2011

Unilever Ingman Production


Oct 14, 2011

Concern Kalina

$700M (terms undisclosed)

Sep 27, 2010

Alberto Culver

$3.7B (terms undisclosed)

Apr 2, 2009

TIGI International


Feb 4, 2008



Apr 13, 2000



Apr 13, 2000

Ben & Jerry's


Hindustan Unilever Mergers and Demergers 

  • Ragu & Bertoll - 30 June 2014: Unilever completed the sale of North American pasta sauces business under the Ragu and Bertolli brands to Mizkan Group.
  • Bifi & Peperami - 1 April 2014: Unilever sold the meat snacks business to Jack Link's. The sale included the brands Bifi, sold in Germany, Benelux, Austria and Switzerland; and Peperami, which retails in the UK and Ireland; and the manufacturing unit in Ansbach, Germany.
  • Royal pasta brand - 16 January 2014: Unilever sold its Royal pasta brand in the Philippines to RFM Corporation, of Philippines for US$47.8 million.
  • Ethnic Hair business - 19 November 2013: Unilever sold its Soft & Beautiful, TCB and Pro-Line Comb-Thru brands to Strength of Nature for an undisclosed amount. The sale excluded TCB’s business in Africa.
  • Wish-Bone dressings - 1 October 2013: Unilever sold its Wish-Bone and Western dressings brands in the USA to Pinnacle Foods Inc. for a total cash consideration of approximately $580 million.
  • Unipro - 2 September 2013: Unilever sold its Turkish Unipro bakery and industrial oils business to AAK, one of the world’s leading producers of high value-added speciality vegetable fats.
  • Mrs Balls Chutney - 1 April 2013: In South Africa Unilever sold its Mrs Ball’s Chutney brand to Tiger Brands Limited.
  • Skippy - 31 January 2013: Unilever completed the sale of its global Skippy business to Hormel Foods, excluding the portion operated out of China. The two companies announced the global deal for approximately $700 million, including the Skippy trademarks and two manufacturing facilities (in U.S. and China).
  • Bertolli & P.F. Chang’s - 20 August 2012: Unilever sold the North American frozen meals business, conducted under the Bertolli and P.F. Chang’s brand names, to ConAgra Foods, Inc., for total cash consideration of US$267 million.
  • Italian Frozen Foods - 19 July 2010: Unilever announced the signing of a binding agreement for the sale of its Italian Frozen Foods business, Findus, to Birds Eye Iglo for €805 million. The sale includes a factory in Cisterna, Italy.
  • Shedd’s Country Crock - 18 January 2010:  Unilever signed a definitive agreement to sell our Shedd’s Country Crock-branded chilled side-dish business in the US to Hormel Foods Corporation. Ownership of the Shedd’s Country Crock trademark and its flagship spreads product range remained with Unilever.
  • JohnsonDiversey - 24 November 2009: Unilever completed the sale of its total interest in JohnsonDiversey, after reducing the equity from 33% to 4% on 7 October 2009.
  • Bertolli olive oil & vinegar business - 23 December 2008: Unilever completed the disposal of Bertolli olive oil and vinegar business to Grupo SOS, for a consideration of €630 million. The transaction was structured as a worldwide perpetual licence by Unilever of the Bertolli brand in respect of olive oil and premium vinegar. The transaction included the sale of the Italian Maya, Dante and San Giorgio olive oil and seed oil businesses, as well as the factory at Inveruno, Italy.
  • Edible oil business in Côte d’Ivoire - 4 December 2008: Unilever completed the sale of its edible oil business in Côte d’Ivoire, to SIFCA, the parent company of an Ivorian agro-industry group, and to a 50:50 joint venture between two Singapore-based companies, Wilmar International Limited and Olam International Limited.
  • At the same time Unilever also acquired the soap business of Cosmivoire, a subsidiary of SIFCA.
  • Komili - 31 October 2008: Unilever completed the sale of Komili, its olive oil brand in Turkey, to Ana Gida, part of the Anadolu Group.
  • North American Laundry - 9 September 2008: Unilever completed the sale of their North American laundry business in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico to Vestar Capital Partners, for a face value of US $1.45 billion.
  • Lawry’s & Adolph’s branded seasoning blends & marinades - 31 July 2008: Unilever completed the sale of Lawry’s and Adolph’s branded seasoning blends and marinades business in the US and Canada to McCormick & Company Incorporated for €410 million.
  • Boursin - 3 January 2008: Unilever completed the sale of the Boursin brand to Le Groupe Bel for €400 million.


  • Colgate-Palmolive: Colgate-Palmolive is a 200 years old American consumer products company headquartered in New York, USA. It is founded in the year 1806. Colgate focuses on four core businesses; Oral Care, Personal Care, Home Care and Pet Nutrition. Colgate-Palmolive is the umbrella brand of 31 companies whose revenue is of $15,195 US Million as on the year 2016. It has a workforce of 36,700 people in 200 countries and territories worldwide.  The company is registered under NYSL under the name CL.

The brands include Colgate, Palmolive Naturals, Protex, Sanex, Softsoap, Hill’s, Gard, Sorriso, Brite, Speed Stick, Lady Speed Stick, Murphy, Maridol, Palmolive, Irish Spring, Strong, Tom’s, afta, Tahiti, Softlan, Ajax, Fleecy, PinhoSol, Axion, Tender Care, Cuddly, Sta-soft, Elmex, Fabulso, Soupline, Fluffy and Suaivtel.     

  • Proctor and Gamble: P&G is a 179 year old company headquartered in Cincinnati a city in Ohio, America. This multinational consumer goods company has five revenue segments: beauty, hair and personal care; grooming; health care; fabric care and home care; and baby, feminine and family care. This category has further subdivided into 65 brands.

P&G is a global company, with operations in approximately 70 countries and products sold in more than 180 countries and territories around the world, which generates revenue of $65,299 US Million in the year 2016. It has a employee base of 1,05,000 people.

  • Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL): GCPL is an 15 year old Indian consumer goods company based in Mumbai, India. It is one of the main competitors of HUL. Its products include soap, hair colourants, toiletries and liquid detergents. Its brands include 'Cinthol', 'Godrej Fair Glow', 'Godrej No.1' and 'Godrej Shikakai' in soaps, 'Godrej Powder Hair Dye', 'Renew', 'ColourSoft' in hair colourants and 'Ezee' liquid detergent.

GCPL is a part of 120 year old Godrej Group, which holds a consumer base of 1.1 Billion globally. The company is popular in the countries of India, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. GCPL has Rs. 4,748.10 Crore turnover in the year march, 2017.


  • Unilever:
    • CNN Money: On 2016 it was ranked #20 on the list of the World's Top Employers for New Grads.
    • Forbes: On 2017 ranking P&G ranked #74 on the list of the World’s Most Reputable Companies.
    • Fortune: Ranked #38 among the “World’s Most Admired Companies” on 2017 list.
  • Hindustan Unilever
    • HUL was the No. 2 out of 5 Indian company’s to feature on the Forbes list of the World's 100 Most Innovative Companies 2016.
    • Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) was the biggest winners at this year’s CMO Asia Awards in Singapore on 4 August 2016.

HUL won six awards across various categories, including ‘Best Digital Business of the Year’. The list of awards HUL one are listed below:

  • Best Digital Business of the Year | Hindustan Unilever Limited
  • Digital Media Campaign of the Year | Rin Career Ready Academy (Rin)
  • Digital Media Campaign of the Year | Lo Kar Lo Baat (Active Wheel)
  • Social Media Campaign of the Year | Fresh Off The Runway, Into Your Makeup Kit! (Lakme)
  • Best Social Good Campaign | Chamki – The Story of an Unborn Child (Lifebuoy)
  • Best Online Video | Swatch Aadat Swachh Bharat (Multi Brand)


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