After the Offer : Ace your Summer Internship

  • Gaurav Sharma | SRCC (2007-10) | IMT Ghaziabad (2012-14)
  • May 17th, 2017


Strategies to ace your summer internship

In the last post, we had taken a look at the approach that one needs to follow while preparing for summer internship recruitments.  Once you land up with an offer and are ready to embark on the journey, keep the following points in mind:

1.  Do not let success get into your head: For those of you who got their dream offers, a feeling of happiness is natural, but remember to not get overconfident or too pleased with your newly acquired success. This is just the beginning of a long journey and merely getting an offer doesn’t guarantee anything. It is essential to maintain focus.

2.  Work to improve and learn excel, good communication, and presentation skills: It is imperative to dedicate some time daily to hone excel skills as a lot of work would be done on spreadsheets. Equally important is working simultaneously on your presentation and communication skills so that you are able to not only structure your thoughts well but also communicate them too.

3.  Read about the industry: This helps you grasp things faster and understand the terms quicker once you start working on the project assigned to you. Most libraries have research tools and portals available and these are the best sources of information.

4.  Stretch yourself: Once the project starts, many students tend to get complacent or lazy or both. Understand that the organisation expects you to add value during your stint and for this to happen, you need to dive deeper into the project. Ensure adequate time is spent working on the project -this is especially important for students interning in FMCG/Durables as spending quality time on the field (despite the weather and circumstances) is critical to understand the nitty-gritty. Please keep in mind that at the end of the internship, you will be required to share your findings/experiences/suggestions and it will not leave a good impression on the panelists if they find out that inadequate time has been spent on the assignment.

5.  Ask questions: The two- month long internship provides the biggest single opportunity to maximise learning during your MBA program. Try to ask as many questions as possible concerning the work to your reporting managers and subordinates so that you are able to enhance and maximise your learning. In a lot of cases, the questions asked during the final placement interviews concern the summer internship. Gaining industry knowledge would help you answer these questions confidently and increase your chances of selection.

6.  Maintain a diary: It is also advisable to maintain a diary where you can note down on a daily basis your learnings of the day, your observations and questions. This would act as a repository during the time of report submission and also during the final placement interview process.

And finally, aspirants need to understand that they should not feel disappointed if they do not end up working for their dream company or do not get a PPO. Relax! It is not the end of the world! It is to be kept in mind that for final placements; ‘what you did in your internship’ matters a lot more than ‘where you did your internship’. So cheer up and prepare for the final battle!

All the best!

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