Summer Internships: Preparing for the drill

  • May 4th, 2017
Summer Internships in MBA

So you got a good score and got admission into one of your dream colleges to pursue MBA and hope to secure your dream job at the end of the course. What next?

The first and the most important step towards getting a placement at the end of the course is to secure a good internship. The internship program not only gives you practical lessons but also shapes up your thoughts pertaining to specific industries and lets you know what to expect if you were to take up the role full-time.

Also, if you perform well, it gets you the much sought after Pre-placement offer (PPO) and ends your end term placement worries.

So how should one prepare for summer internships? Below are some points to be kept in mind as you embark on your journey to secure an internship offer:

1. Read: Ensure that you are well aware of what's happening around you. The Economic Times and Times of India are good options, to begin with. Also, cover at least two business magazines per month

2. Industry insights: Focus on specific industries that you want to get into and study the trends and gather knowledge about the leading players and practices. Use the databases available in the library for industry insights. Annual reports are very helpful in gathering company-specific knowledge and information

3. Practice: Mock interviews and group discussions should be practiced at least half a dozen times before the start of the placement season. Also, if you thought things couldn't get worse than your group discussions held during the admission process; trust me; you are in for a surprise!

4. Do not ignore your grades: At times your grades play a very critical role in the shortlisting process, so do not ignore them. An above average score definitely gives your resume a boost and can play a critical role in short-listing stage

5. Do not over think: A lot of students tend to carry out unnecessary and unproductive research (asking friends and seniors) and think too much about the process. This ends up exerting extra pressure and impacts performance negatively. Your friends and seniors are not always the best source of insights and information, howsoever knowledgeable they sound!

6. Stay positive: If you do not manage to get into the organisation of your choice or do not convert get an offer in the first few days, do not lose hope. Try your best to stay focused so that you can make most of the next opportunity

All the best!

About the author: Author is SRCC alumnus and MBA from one of the leading B-Schools.

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