Two months to go – How to get ready for B-School Life

  • Dr. C P Shrimali, Acting Director, MDI
  • Apr 27th, 2017

Management education is the most sought-after professional choice among the youth today and attracts some of the best and the brightest aspiring students from India and abroad. Getting selected for a good B-school is in itself an achievement but readiness for a B-school and success thereafter involves many parameters. You are all already the winners since you are the privileged few who could make it to a b-school.   However do not forget that success is a temporary state, whereas the quest for perfection is timeless. Therefore it is a good idea to use this relatively long time span between your admission to b-school and arrival on campus to assess your academic and professional preparedness, as well as taking appropriate action to bridge any gaps that exists. You can firm up on your Industry knowledge, current world events and business language by reading good National Newspapers, following companies and brands and keeping up with the latest into business world. However the most important factor is developing that appropriate attitude which is crucial for you during you life in a B-school. Following are a few points that will help understand and develop this attitude:

Your educational journey in a management school is a journey of hard work, dedication, commitment and sacrifice. It is also an opportunity to acquire essential skills to succeed in corporate life and fulfill your responsibilities towards society and nation. Your confidence in yourself and the knowledge that you will get in your educational journey will ensure your creditable performance in the professional world ahead. As it is a competitive business environment, the focus should be on building competencies and developing an attitude of continuous learning and innovation along with a mindset of value addition and performance centricity.

Time management is one of the most useful skills to master in business school. Since most of you will be joining a b-school after one competitive exam or the other you already know how to handle pressure but now you are supposed to learn how to sustain that pressure for a longer duration. If you know how to be organized and manage your time well, you can face all the challenges of a b-school life.

It is important to stay healthy and fit.  Get in the routine of doing exercise. It will clear your mind and help you release tension during stressful periods at your b-school. It can work wonders to enhance your productivity.

It is essential to have a curious mind. An individual is absolutely not ready for a B-school without that intrinsic curiosity which helps understanding, learning, knowing of things and concepts. You cannot afford to be complacent at any point of time during these two years. Therefore it is important for you to learn how to manage your time well.

I believe in the philosophy of learning by doing. Learn beyond class rooms. You will be working on different projects as part of your leaning. It is important to join different clubs and participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. True development has to be holistic in nature, always strive for the same. Find out moments to interact with professors, the reservoir of knowledge which they are and their wisdom must be tapped and capitalized by having informal talks apart from classroom interactions. These informal interactions help a student develop and grow beyond class rooms.

Do not always believe in smart work. You must understand that only hard work can lead to smart work. ‘Becoming an instant smart’ may be disastrous. Proper understanding and eventually developing prudence is significant in making an individual smart and B-school ready.

Develop habit of reading good literature.  A good literature or a good book helps an individual develop thoughts and perceptions, which goes a long way in shaping an individual’s values and belief systems. Finally the behavior that is displayed is the outcome of an individual’s own perceived beliefs. Therefore understand your potential, develop your thoughts and create a vision for yourself with the help of the wisdom that is scattered in literature.

Be passionate in what you do. It is important to bring in sync your head and heart. If your passion and intelligence lie apart you will not be able to do justice with yourself.

Enjoy what you do and work for excellence. Innovate, disrupt, enhance value and contribute. The principle of social responsibility and creating social impact should be deeply ingrained in your actions. Learn how to use your knowledge to foster an inclusive and sustainable growth.

I advise you to uphold values of trustworthiness and credibility. Be honest with yourself and those around you and you will see that inhibitions and insecurities flee. Embrace life as it comes and be ready to accept all the challenges.

Life is dynamic and keeps changing, the very essence to a successful B-school ready individual is that the individual is ready to change, individual is ready to unlearn, learn and relearn and if all these mantras or pointers mentioned above are followed wholeheartedly, no one can stop you being continuously progressing towards personal and professional excellence. Best wishes to all aspirers for B-schools.

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