Should national anthem be made compulsory in cinema halls?


  • Standing up for National Anthem is showing unity towards the country; fills hearts with pride and reminds us of sovereignty of our country
  • If we can stand at many other place for our personal need, we can easily spare 2 minutes for our beloved land
  • The only thing that integrates us into one is our nationality; people will see and feel that there is something in common between everyone at the theatre which instills the feeling of being united as a nation
  • Right from the school days we have been taught to rise and pay respect to the national anthem and the national flag but it seems like growing up takes that away from people and that they need to be bound by guidelines to make them follow protocols
  • Just how hard is it to show some respect and unity to your country’s flag and anthem? We simply have to make a controversy out of every order that comes out with restrictions


  • Patriotism is a feeling that should come from within us and not from being told frequently that every time you go to watch a movie, you must revive your patriotism
  • Imagine national anthem, the most sacred tune of a nation played before the double meaning comedies cracking vulgar jokes and playing songs; there are more formal place for the national anthem to be played than a cinema hall
  • National anthem is to be played at formal occasions like parades, government functions, etc. ; of all places to instil patriotism, cinema halls are no place to get people to feel for their country
  • People feel that this is no way to prove one’s patriotism and they mustn’t be asked to mandatorily stand up

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