Aspirants share their GD-PI experience at XLRI

  • Mar 14th, 2017

Institute: XLRI 


Date: 14-03-2017

Human Resources

GD Topic: Women make better managers.

Personal Interview:

  • Can we be ethical and practical at the same time?Give an example.
  • You have written ethical and practical in form.Explain.
  • We are scared to ask you questions after seeing you in GD. You only tell us what to ask.
  • Why were you like that in GD?
  • What is the worst statement made by a student during the GD according to you?
  • How was Business management interview and GD?
  • What were your learnings from Business management GD? Are you a learner at all or this is how you do GD?
  • Tell us something interesting you have read recently.
  • What does your father, mother and sister do?
  • Tell us your main strength.
  • Anything else to help your candidature?


Date: 014-03-2017

Business Management

GD Topic: Globalisation leads to economic growth.

Personal Interview:

  • Tell us something unique about Bhopal?Tell about one pro and one con of having BHEL in Bhopal.
  • One pro and one con of being a day scholar.
  • Questions from questionnaire were discussed.
  • Why don't you go for one year of executive MBA as you already have 4.5 years of job experience?
  • Asked technical questions about photography as I had mentioned it as my hobby?


Date: 09-03-2017

Business Management

GD Topic: Commoditization of women by media.

Personal Interview:

  • Why the sudden increase in the popularity of Paytm?
  • The advertisement of Paytm on various newspapers with a PM's face after demonetization was ethical or unethical.
  • What are the negative consequences of demonetization?
  • How can digital transactions curb black money?
  • Your stand on anti-national slogans at JNU and the recent DU issue.
  • She also raised the issue of recent killing of Indians in US?
  • What you really want to do in life?
  • What is your opinion on the supreme court's decision for mandating national anthem before every movie?


Date: 06-03-2017

Business Management

GD Topic: Do you agree that human rights are violated not by terrorism but by unequal economic distribution.

Personal Interview:

  • What is the difference between private, deemed and state private university?
  • Questions on my school?
  • College project related questions.
  • Why do you think your project idea has not been implemented in the real world yet?
  • Why did you write vegetarianism on the form?
  • How dinosaurs got extinct?
  • What is the most famous dinosaur movie?
  • Who directed it?
  • What other movies did he make?
  • Who was the Mughal emperor?Who was exiled to Rangoon?


Date: 05-03-2017


GD Topic: Do you agree that couples should not work in the same organisation.

Personal Interview:

  •  Questions on UPTU. What is it's new name and year of an establishment?
  • A few work related questions.
  • UP is divided into four parts in elections. Why?
  • What is caste based politics?
  • Why don't you do theatre full time? 


Date: 04-03-2017


GD Topic: Does workplace romance affect employee productivity?

Personal Interview:

  • Why did you score low marks in graduation?
  • By whom were you more influenced, by mother or father? Why?
  • Questions from the questionnaire.
  • Why did you learn Python?
  • Questions on open source software. 
  • Did you get coaching from any GDPI coaching centre?


Date: 02-03-2017

Business Management

WAT Topic: Only when we turn rich to poor and vice versa. Can we remove inequality?

Personal Interview:

  • Questions from the form.
  • Questions were in a way  validating  whether everything in the form is true or not


GD Topic:  Is employee privacy more important than employee productivity.List pros and cons. 

Human Resources Management Questions

Personal Interview:

  • So you were campus placed in Samsung. What division do you work for? Brief us little about your work.
  • List three good policies and three bad policies of Samsung. Discussion on the policies mentioned.
  • Did you feel frustrated anytime?  
  • Some technical question.
  • What is a glass ceiling in an organisation?
  • Why is your caste and father's caste not similar?
  • If we take you, can you prove that you belong to J&K?


GD Topic: "Trade Unions are Irrelevant". 

Personal Interview:

  • Discussed one of the answers from the questionnaire.
  • Significant contribution in Samsung.
  • Details of strategies for the new product launches as per your own ideas.
  • Random question like Do you run?


GD Topic: Democracy is not good for economic growth.

Personal Interview:

  • HR is too monotonous. Why choose HR?
  • Are you for or against reservation for women in jobs?
  • Gave a particular case where I had to choose between hiring women who aren't up to the merit or hire men in their place.
  • Tell us 5  points about yourself to convince us to select you for this program. Substantiate them


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